Origami Instruction Toilet Paper: Too Much Time On Your Hands?


Check it out: you can buy toilet paper with easy to follow instructions so that you can create clever little origami paper creatures while you are otherwise occupied. What else are you going to do…catch up on your reading material?

Baron Bob’s Origami Instruction Toilet Paper – At $4.95 for a 100′ roll, you’d better keep it hidden from the kids. 😉

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3 Comments on "Origami Instruction Toilet Paper: Too Much Time On Your Hands?"

  1. Wow. That might actually bump s**t-be-gone from the top of my “i can’t believe someone makes this brand of toilet paper” list.

  2. LOL This is totally a Wayne type item, but when I found this on the Baron Bob’s site (while looking at their sushi staplers), I had to post. 🙂

  3. We got my older son a ‘paper airplane of the day’ calendar, which he has enjoyed … I’d actually buy this as a desk calendar … but as TP … um, no …

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