Review: CASECROWN Classic Slim Case – Checkered

GearDiary Review:  CASECROWN Classic Slim Case - Checkered

CASECROWN is a southern California based company founded by self described gadget lovers.

They make some of the most affordable cases around, and they were kind enough to send me one of their Classic Slim Cases for laptops to review.

Here’s a quick overview of the case from the CASECROWN web site:

– Perfect Fit For Your Notebooks
– Premium Quality Shock-Absorbing Double Memory Foam Interior
– Water & Wear Resistant; Zipper Scratch-Free Exterior Material
– Light & Thin Compact Design
– Internal Supporting Bands To Secure Your Gadgets

How does this laptop case match up?  Read on to find out.

CASECROWN makes a variety of laptop cases.  Since I own the Mac Book Air I asked them to send my the slimmest case they made.

This case comes in both the checkered pattern seen below as well as plain black.

The case comes in a variety of sizes (12/1″, 13″, 14″, 15″, 16″ and UP.)  There’s sure to be that fits most any laptop.

The Classic Slim Case fits my Mac Book Air perfectly.

GearDiary Review:  CASECROWN Classic Slim Case - Checkered

The case has memory foam (like you find on those fancy Swedish beds) which actually molds itself to the shape of your computer.

GearDiary Review:  CASECROWN Classic Slim Case - Checkered

There are straps on both ends of the case which allow you to lock both the screen of the computer as well as the keyboard side into the case.

GearDiary Review:  CASECROWN Classic Slim Case - Checkered

Once you have the straps locking the computer in place you can actually use it without having to remove it.

GearDiary Review:  CASECROWN Classic Slim Case - Checkered

When closed there isn’t much room inside the case for any other accessory items, but you know this going in and that’s okay.

The case features zippered closure and the zippers have eye holes where a lock could be used.

GearDiary Review:  CASECROWN Classic Slim Case - Checkered

If you’re looking for a case to carry other items in addition to the computer CASECROWN has models with front pockets as well.

Since the idea behind the Mac Book Air is minimalism I decided to carry that over to the case for it as well.

So that you could get an idea of its size I asked my lovely wife to model the bag.

GearDiary Review:  CASECROWN Classic Slim Case - Checkered

The CASECROWN Classic Slim Case is a no nonsense laptop bag.  It doesn’t have any fancy pockets or even a shoulder strap.

It does one thing, protects your computer and it does it in a stylish fashion that’s different than all the plain black computer bags out there.

The use of memory foam insures your computer will be completely covered and the straps make it possible to use the computer without removing it from the case.

All nice touches.

At a price of only $22.92 this is one case worth looking it if you’re in the market for something slim to carry your laptop in.

You can learn more about CASECROWN’s laptop bags by visiting their website.

M.S.R.P. – $22.92

What I like – super slim, memory foam, inexpensive.

What  don’t like – nothing.

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