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August 7, 2009 • Reviews

Review: CASECROWN iPhone Polycarbonate Slim Case

MAIN_125CASECROWN is a southern California based company founded by self described gadget lovers.

They were kind enough to send me one of their polycarbonate cases for the iPhone 3G/3gS to review.

An extremely simplistic case, the polycarbonate slim case is one of the most affordable snap on back covers I’ve seen.

The polycarbonate slim case comes in a variety of colors, Black, Blue, Green, Red and Silver.

The case comes in rather simple packaging and does not include any added goodies such as a screen protector or cleaning cloth.


As with most snap on back covers this case offers little protection against shock and impact.  But snap on back covers are more about look and protecting just the back of the phone than shock and impact.

It does protect the back of the phone nicely but since it’s all plastic there is the possibility of scratching of the chrome bezel.

The back of the case is matte and offers a bit of added grip when in your hand.


However, the risk of scratches is no greater than with any other case of this type.

The inside of plastic case is not lined but it’s smooth.


Inserting the phone into the case is simple.  You place the button side into the case first and then snap down the opposite side.

Once in the fit is quite tight around the phone.

The case does have a cutout for the Apple logo.  As a self confessed fanboy I like showing off my Apple.


There is a full cutout on the top for access to the sleep awake button, SIM card tray and headset port.


The same large cutout appears on the bottom of the case allowing complete access to the dock connector.  I was able to dock my phone in both my Griffin Simplifi and iHome iP99 while it was in this case.


The cut out for the volume rocker and vibrate switch allows easy access but has small strip to protect the chrome bezel.  I appreciate this addition.


The cut out for the camera lens lines up as you’d expect it too.


The case covers most of the chrome bezel on the sides but does leave it fully exposed on the top and bottom.


At only $9.21 the CASECROWN polycarbonate slim case is one of the more affordable cases of its type.

However, the case doesn’t seem to have sacrificed quality for costs.  It’s a good tight fit and its matte texture offers some added grip to the somewhat slippery iPhone.

CASECROWN doesn’t include any added accessories but for under $10 that’s understandable.

You can view the entire line of CASECROWN cases for the iPhone on the manufacturer’s web site.

M.S.R.P. – $9.21

What I like – comes in variety of colors, perfect fit, Apple cutout.

What I don’t like – plastic on metal could possible leave scratches.

4 Responses to " Review: CASECROWN iPhone Polycarbonate Slim Case "

  1. Dan Cohen says:

    I like the case and THEY seem like a company I would want to give my business to.

  2. thehotrod says:

    One thing that concerns me, and maybe you can comment…but I had a Incase Slider….what I didn’t like was the raised plastic bezel that when around the screen. It made holding the phone to my ear uncomfortable after long periods of time. I see this doesn’t have a top or bottom bezel so maybe it wouldn’t do that with this case.

    Right now, I’m either naked or I’m using the JavoEdge and it really only protects the back, but it doesn’t add a lot of weight or impede the front surface of the phone.

  3. Larry Greenberg says:

    This is pretty similar to the JAVOedge. I imagine your experience would be about the same.

  4. CaseCrown says:

    @GearDiary Review’s CaseCrown’s Polycarbonate iPhone Case!! Check it out: &

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