The LTB 5.1 USB Headphones Review

Up until 3 months ago when I would play computer games (like Call of Duty 2 and Counter Strike) using just a normal pair of earbuds, which worked fine, but I wanted something a little better. LTB produce a pair of 5.1 headphones that connect up over USB, and they sent me a pair to try out.

Included in the box are the headphones, USB-to-3.5mm adaptor, driver CD and manual. There was a second driver CD taped to the outside of the box with newer drivers, but I just downloaded the latest ones (for Windows) of their website.

The headphones themselves are silver with a black padded head band.

The USB cable is attached to the left earpiece where I presume all the electronics of the headphones are.

Also on the left earpiece is the volume control, mute and microphone. Yes these headphones incorporate a microphone for voice-compatible team games.

The volume control is software-based, and acts the same as the volume buttons found on most keyboards.

The USB cable is about 2m long and is reasonably thick and durable. It is not particularly heavy, so you won?t find it pulling your head to the side.

The ear cups are 6.5×4.5cm, which completely encloses an average sized ear. This has its pros and cons. On one hand it blocks out most outside noises letting you listen in peace, but some would consider not being able to hear anything that is going on around them to be a bad think. I am partially of the latter group, but there are times when its great to put these on a drown out the noise around me.

Included in the package is a USB-to-3.5mm adaptor that lets you use the headphones with any device with an audio output. The program is it sticks straight out, making a plug 9cm long. Obviously this makes it useless for MP3 Players and the like. The adaptor is also very flimsy, and it bent and the 3.5mm plug came out almost every time I used it. My advice is to consider them as USB-only headphones.

The headphones are immediately recognised by Windows XP and Mac OS X without any drivers, appearing as a USB Audio device. On Windows there is software you can install with the headphones, but I found it wasn?t really necessary, and just something else to clutter up the taskbar and memory. I primiarily use the headphones on my Mac, but when I do use it on Windows I just use the standard Windows driver.

The quality of the headphones is very good. Good quality music files sounded great on them, even at high volumes, and the cups did a reasonably good job of keeping the sound inside. They are also very good for gaming. Makes it easier to hear someone creeping up behind me 🙂 The microphone is also very good, and very clear, great for in-game voice chats or for use with programs like Skype.

I did encounter a problem with my headphone however. Often when putting them on one of the channels would be silent. Tapping on the side that wasn?t working would get it going, and from then on it would be fine. It happens randomly to both the left and right. Not sure why, but tapping it always ?fixes? it so I?d say it is just a slightly loose wire in my headphones.

The LTB USB Headphones are great for both sound quality and easy of use. They are plug and play with the latest operating systems so anyone can use them, and are very comfortable to wear. If you need a decent pair of headphones for music, gaming, or even for a computer that doesn?t have a sound card (or a defective one), these are an excellent choice.

The LTB USB Headphones can be bought directly from the manufacturer or other retailers.
MSRP: $69.99
What I Like: Good quality, built-in microphone, comfortable, plug-n-play
What Needs Improvement: The included software is unnecessary

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  1. In January, I bought a headset from LTB Audio which was defective. I returned it. While I was waiting for my refund, I made the mistake of buying another headset from them. It was also defective. I still have not received my refund, despite numerous communications and even a complaint with the BBB. It seems that my only remaining recourse is to sue them.

    Beware buying any products from this company.

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