Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves (Updated)


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Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves (Updated) Listen to this article

Other than comments on really cool cars I am testing, I usually don’t have too many coworkers remarking on the gear I am reviewing. The first day I carried the new Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack into work, however, that changed. No sooner did I toss it down on the counter than the Razer bag became a hit.

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack/Images by David Goodspeed

I was actually hoping someone would comment on the bag, as this is a good way for me to gauge what the general public (AKA consumers) feel about some of the gear or equipment I review. Right off I had two coworkers comment on how cool this bag looked in its black ballistic nylon and contrast luminescent green logos and pocket linings. In fact, the one that saw the bag first and liked it got to walk away with it at the end of the week.

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves

One of the key features of this bag that is immediately evident is the cover that snaps over the top of the bag and displays a large Razer Gaming logo. The cover adds an extra layer of protection not only from the elements but from those who would like to relieve you of your laptop or other gear you are carrying inside the bag. The ballistic nylon shell is water resistant and will last a very long time. It resists wear and tear like no other and looks really, really cool too, just like the tactical gear used by the professionals in law enforcement and the military.

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves

The Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack can be used for a host of chores but it’s main duty is for the serious gamer. It will accommodate a ton of gear, features a compartment that can fit a very large laptop (rated up to 17.3 inches but will fit larger), has a microfiber-lined tablet compartment, and includes a headphone case that Velcros to the inside of the main compartment.

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves

The shoulder straps are padded and very supportive while also being fully adjustable and feature a cross strap to distribute the load. The bag is also padded where it meets your back – from top to bottom. Inside you find pockets for your cables, cards, battery packs, etc. Two large side pockets will fit large drink bottles or containers and two smaller exterior pockets can be reconfigured or swapped out or removed, making this bag very flexible to fit your needs or lifestyle.

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves

I told my coworker the two patches at the rear remove by Velcro but he said he was going to keep them on the bag as they add to the unique styling of the backpack. For the times you just need to grab the bag quickly there is a handstrap loop between the top of the shoulder straps.

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves

Whether you need a good bag for weekend gaming sessions or to carry to school or work, I highly recommend the Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack as it will offer comfort over great distances no matter if you walk, skateboard, or bike. It’s only weakness is the zippers as they do allow a bit of water in during torrential downpours (which we have experienced recently).

Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack Makes All the Right Moves

What is it: Razer Tactical Gaming Backpack offered by Mobile Edge (review sample provided by manufacturer).

What I like: Durability, flexibility, padding on pack and shoulder straps.

Availability: MSRP $159.99 at www.MobileEdge.com and comes with Lifetime Warranty.

UPDATE: Initially I wrote about what I felt can be improved with this bag concerning water seeping in through the zippers during torrential rainstorms. This was written in error as I later discovered the bag has a rain pouch located in a bottom compartment that completely covers the backpack, thereby protecting it from Mother Nature. Kudos to the bag designers for thinking of everything.

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