How to get more than 11 pages of iPhone Apps

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By default the iPhone limits the user to a total of 11 visible springboard aka home screen pages.

Dayna from PHP-Princess has discovered a way around this limitation.

Yes needing more than 11 pages of applications (180) is truly for the hardcore iPhone app user, but there are a lot of them floating around.

This was a trick I discovered while moving around my icons. First, you have to be an app-aholic and have 11 pages of iPhone apps (and more hidden ones since they can’t be displayed). Then move some of the default apps you do not use like “Weather,” “Stocks,” “YouTube,” “Audio Memo,” etc. to the last page.

Now take one icon from the 10th page and drag it over to the 11th page. This will force the last icon to be booted off the page and into the iPhone abyss!

Now download another app to replace that empty space. And magically, a 12th page will be created with all the apps you weren’t able to view on it. I repeated the same steps and was able to make a 13th page.

The reports on this actually working seem to be mixed so as always do it at your own risk.

Via TiPb via PCP-Princess.

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