JVC HA-EBT5 In-Ear Headphones: Wireless, Splashproof and Perfect for Active Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up, and if you’ve been stressing about the perfect gift for your fitness-conscious wife, mom, or yourself, then you should take a look at the JVC HA-EBT5 In-Ear Headphones. The name is a mouthful, but the product is sharp-looking and it works well. What makes them better than others? flexibility, price, and options!

Unlike other in-ear sport headphones that I’ve reviewed, the JVC headphones are comfortable! They come with an assortment of six different rubber earpieces.

Six earpieces are included — three sizes each of “regular” and “open” type. The “open” earpieces allow ambient sounds to be heard, such as a nearby vehicle. If that kind of safety isn’t an issue, the “regular” earpieces provide a tighter seal, and so will deliver better sound quality.

Their secure fit is provided by a soft rubber rotating hook that comfortably holds the headphone in place and can be adjusted for the best possible fit. Even better, you get the choice of using a typical sealed earpiece or the safety of their “open” earpieces, which makes it possible to hear street noises and others talking while enjoying music.

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Available in turquoise, pink, black and red, the JVC HA-EBT5 In-Ear Headphones have a secure fit due to their soft rubber rotating hook which can be adjusted for the best possible fit; you can even wear these with your sunglasses or eyeglasses.

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The headphones are lightweight, wireless, and they use Bluetooth 3.0 to stream music from your phone or other bluetooth enabled music device.

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These headphones are certified to IPX4, so they are sweat and splash-proof; you’ll be just fine if you’re caught in the rain or if you are really working up a sweat.

There is a 3 button in-line remote control so that you can adjust the volume your music is playing at, and you can also answer and end phone calls without interrupting your workout.

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You charge the headphones by slipping a nail under the plug on the right ear-piece; a red LED will glow until the battery is charged, at which point the light will go out. The internal battery is supposed to last for about 4.5 hours, and I found that number to be accurate in my testing.

The JVC HA-EBT5 In-Ear Headphones have a 10mm Neodymium driver, and the sound they produce is excellent and true. Whether you are lifting weights, doing arobics, jogging, hiking, or participating in any other activity, these earphones are comfortable, secure, and they sound very good. Their price is pretty awesome, too!

The JVC HA-EBT5 In-Ear Headphones retail for $49.99, and they are available from NewEgg and other retailers.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Comfortable and adjustable Bluetooth in-ear headphones that can be worn in the rain and with glasses; Six sets of included ear tips so that you’ll find the perfect fit and ambient noise level; Great price; 4.5 hour battery life

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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