PhotoFunia for iPhone

PhotoFunia for iPhone

I discovered PhotoFunia on my morning AppMiner hunt the day it was released.  Being a big fan of photo apps, it was easy to choose to download since it was free.  I usually shy away from web-based apps, but this one looked interesting enough to try out.  PhotoFunia is an iPhone port of an online photo editing application that can be found at

This app is simple and straight forward.  There is a list of photo templates to choose from.  Any new templates are at the top and labeled as new.  The number of styles and options is quite large.  Once a template is chosen, you will be asked to choose your photo.  The options are to take a new photo or use and existing photo.

Once a photo is chosen, the app pretty much takes care of the rest!  Obviously PhotoFunia works better over wifi, but can work over the cell network.  When I say the app takes care of the rest, I mean it.  No adjustments or resizing is made.  This is double edged.  When the photo lines up correctly, the end result is amazing.  If the ability to move and re-size photos is added, the app would be near perfect.  Some of the templates utilize an extremely successful face recognition.  These templates have a symbol under the name as you can see in the screen shot above for Ethanol.  The templates are high resolution and apply nicely executed effects.  Another issue is with templates with multiple pictures.  The empty template shows numbered spaces for the photos but only one photo can be added.  I am crossing my fingers for an update for this feature.  Here are a few examples of the outcome of PhotoFunia with my boys and me.

As you can see from these examples, the photos are high resolution and the effects are applied nicely.  My family has had so much fun with the app, and it will stay on my phone for a long time.  It is free in and can be found here in the app store.  Check it out soon!

What I like: High resolution.  Tons of choices.  It works amazingly well!  FREE!!!!!

What I do not like: I wish it was a native app.  The lack of ability to scale and move photos.  Not being able to add more than one photo to templates designed for multiple pics.

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