Miss the Mark on Your New Years Resolution? Well It’s Time to Sweat!

As someone who tried and failed at P-98, I’ve always been skeptical about those “all-in-one home gym” solutions that you see on Instagram, advertised to change your body in just a few short weeks. The best way to transform your body, other than keeping good nutritional habits, is a constant workout regimen. And ironically, one app that I’ve been testing for the past month has been helping to transform my dog-dad bod.

Miss the Mark on Your New Years Resolution? Well It’s Time to Sweat!

Studio Sweat on Demand is a program that you can travel with you, no matter what device you choose to use. When I went on vacation a few weeks ago, I found myself suffering from only having a Planet Fitness as the local gym to go to or running outdoors. And after about three days, that became redundant. I’m someone who needs a variety of activities to stay motivated in the gym, and that’s exactly what I received with the Studio Sweat on Demand.

Typically named “Studio Sweat”, the program is obviously of the paid variety, similar to many of the fitness workout apps of the world”. Starting at $7.88 (keyword, starting) per class, the program allows you to download individual classes or an all-access pass for a discounted rate of $5.88 per class. There are monthly and yearly subscriptions too, but I would advise that you check out their 7-day free trial to attempt to work your way into the workout programs. In my testing, while they are very informative, they can be pretty intense, even in beginner mode.

Miss the Mark on Your New Years Resolution? Well It’s Time to Sweat!

Studio Sweat body-sculpting workouts vary from so many platforms including Boot Camp, Pilates, Rope HIIT, Yoga, Barre, Upper Body Sculpting; it’s truly one of those apps that has it all, but you have to be committed to wanting to transform your habits, and the app will handle the rest.

While I wish there was maybe a calorie counter, similar to MyFitnessPal, Studio Sweat does allow you to compete with friends and track your heart rate (obviously you’ll need a companion heart rate monitor). There are no hidden sales pitches for flat tummy tea or those “get fit quick” schemes; its hard work, trust me. As much as I hate burpees, Studio Sweat attempted to take it easy on me, and my aging knees.

Miss the Mark on Your New Years Resolution? Well It’s Time to Sweat!

While I’m still in the infancy stages of truly toning and fat burning using the Body Sculpt option, Studio Sweat allows me to join in on a class where I can fully understand the trainer and not be judged. There are live classes that you can follow by subscribing to their Facebook page; I’ve started to look for those, especially when I’m not in the mood to structure my workouts through the original format. Having someone to guide you through proper form makes you feel like you have a buddy at the gym, even when you’re by yourself.

Miss the Mark on Your New Years Resolution? Well It’s Time to Sweat!

If you want to commit to a better you, Studio Sweat might be a welcome start. You can’t really beat a full week trial, and even though it takes 21 days to develop a habit, with the fun, simplified workouts and the ability to have a built-in trainer, you won’t ever end up at your local gym looking lost ever again.

For more information on Studio Sweat on Demand, you can head over to their site.

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What I Like: Straight and to the point workouts, including spin cycle classes; You can set how long you want to actually work out, even if you only have a few minutes

What Needs Improvement: Maybe a dietary option to track foods

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