Speck’s Updated CandyShell iPhone Case Review

Speck CandyShells in boxes

Speck Products has been making cases and protective products for a wide range of laptops, mp3 players, and smartphones since 2001.  Earlier this spring we took a look at one of Speck’s newest cases, the CandyShell for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.  The CandyShell is an interesting concept with a hard plastic outer shell that slides nicely into and out of pockets and a softer interior that is intended to provide cushioning in the event of a drop or hard bump.

Speck recently updated the CandyShell line with five new color combinations: BubbleMaker Pink, BatWing Black, AquaBerry Blue, WaxStick White, and JamJar Purple.  While the original CandyShell line featured contrasting color combinations, the new cases feature complimentary colors.  Speck sent along several samples for us to review.

As with many iPhone cases, the CandyShell focuses on protecting the back and sides of the phone, but not the front.  Speck does include a screen protector with the CandyShell, however.  Applying the screen protector was easy, but as with any such protector, thoroughly cleaning the screen to remove dust particles before applying the film is critical.

Empty Speck CandyShell

The basic design of the CandyShell remains the same as was covered in our earlier review.  There are cutouts for the camera, headphone jack, ringer switch, and docking port at the bottom.  The on/off switch and volume buttons are covered by plastic covers.  All of the cutouts were large enough to be useful.  In particular, I tried a few different pairs of headphones in the jack and all fit fine.

Bottom of Speck CandyShell 2

Left Side of Speck CandyShell

Top of Speck CandyShell

The samples we received were BubbleMaker Pink, WaxStick White, and JamJar Purple.  The colors were just as bright as they appear on Speck’s website and are likely to be attention-grabbing.

One of the few criticisms we had in our original review was the difficulty we had removing the case.  It’s certainly a tight-fitting case, and that’s not a bad thing.  The new samples we received were no less tight-fitting, but now Speck has included written directions for removing the case.  They’ve also posted a video demonstration on their website and here on YouTube.  I followed the instructions and had no problem removing the case.

The Speck Candy Shell case is available from Speck on their website.

MRSP:  $34.95

Pros:  Attractive design, good protection for the back of the case

Cons:  None.

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2 Comments on "Speck’s Updated CandyShell iPhone Case Review"

  1. Larry Greenberg | August 19, 2009 at 11:06 pm |

    Word is, and I concur after getting two of the new colors, that the newer ones are more flexible and that the buttons are easier to press. It’s still hard to get your phone in and out, for sure, but the more flexible case should make it easier then before.

  2. Jeff Frantz | August 20, 2009 at 7:34 am |

    Yes, good point, Larry. Although, I have to say that the buttons on my first edition CandyShell actually worked pretty well for me. I also tried the removal instructions Speck has posted on their website on my earlier generation case and it was a heck of a lot easier than the brute force method I used when I first received it.

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