Palm Pre App Catalog. 30 Apps in 30 Days. Day 23: The New York Times

Ever since I graduated from college with a degree in Journalism, I have tried to keep track of which newspapers have the best writing.  Consistently near the top of that list has been The New York Times (for the record, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, CNN, and the AP Newswire round out my personal top five).  So, I was pretty excited to find the New York Times app on my Palm Pre.

When you start the app, all of the latest headlines will be displayed.   You can narrow this view at any time, in order to focus on a specific subject area or category.  This makes the app pretty closely approximate the organizational structure of the real New York Times (though sadly without the crossword puzzle).  You can also choose to organize this front page with headlines and short summaries of each article, or even just headlines in order to fit more items on the screen at a time.

To read a complete article, just tap it from the main page.  In addition to reading, though, you can also send the article via email or SMS; or just hit save to add the article to your favorites.

One of my favorite features, though, is the ability to search for more articles by the author.  I am a big fan of this.  If I find an author I like, I want to seek out more articles by that particular author.  So, this is a great feature.  Just tap on the author’s name and you will open a search of the New York Times website with all of the recent articles by that author.

I was thrilled to find the New York Times on the Palm Pre, and I was very impressed by this app.  I will admit that it is not nearly as robust as the AP Mobile News Network app, but for sheer quality of writing, you just cannot beat the New York Times.

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