BBScanner for BlackBerry Tour 9630 Review

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Roger that…10-4!

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OK, so my wife and I can sit for hours and watch cop shows…The First 48, Crime 360, Cops, Lockup, etc…and when I say hours I really mean all day! We spend a lot of time in Columbus, Ohio and like to know whats going on, mainly where is that police cruiser headed running lights and sirens! I guess we are nosy like that, but BBScanner fuels our need for busy body information.

So when I found this BlackBerry app I was a bit skeptical if it would work, even after Wayne’s article back in January about similar apps for the iPhone and BB.


I downloaded the trial app from , it was a quick download that was done over the air in a minute or so. After opening the BBScanner app, the main screen gives you options to browse for scanners in your area, look at new additions, or listen to some of the most popular scanners.


And how do you like that, I can listen to Columbus Police…a lot better than listening to my local Newark, OH PD scanner! The feed takes a couple of minutes to buffer but after that the stream is smooth, you even have the option of sending the application to the background and running other apps on your BB.

You have the option to search by State and County to locate other scanners as well, however, a lot of the smaller Police Departments are not available. This is a very entertaining application that has give my wife and I hours of scanning fun.  Now I have to download it onto my wife’s BB cause she has hijacked my Tour.

BBScanner can be downloaded at . The Trial version gives you unlimited access for 14 days, after which you can register the application for $2.99 or continue using the Trial version for 10 minutes at a time.

What I like: Ability to have a scanner with me at all times and not have to search for channels. Gives me access to scanners from other busy cities like Chicago, LA, Detroit, Etc. Even has some international scanners.

What needs work: Interface is very bland. Need more small city scanners.

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