Review: Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

Review:  Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

Over the summer my family takes a long vacation at our home in the Outer Banks.  One of our favorite past times to do at the beach house is to all gather around the kitchen table with a large piece count jigsaw puzzle.  We usually get one going and then come back to it over the time we’re there and end up finishing a few during our stay.

With Aqua Jigsaw from 99 Games, I don’t have to wait until next summer to continue the jigsaw puzzle tradition my family enjoys.

I can keep it going right on my iPhone.

The game starts with a selection of under the sea categories which you can choose from.

If you don’t wish to use a ocean themed image you can opt to choose one from you photo library or even snap a picture with the iPhone’s camera right on the fly.

Review:  Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

Once you pick a category you then need to choose an image from which your puzzle will be created.  Each category has several photographs within it.

Review:  Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

Once you’ve your image selected you can customize your game play experience in a variety of ways.

You can choose number of pieces, change the wallpaper background, toggle sound on or off and more.

Review:  Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

There are a few tools to help you along while playing too.

Review:  Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

Game play is simple and quick.  You move the pieces around with you finger until you have them in the proper position.

The iPhone’s small screen doesn’t lend itself all that great to jigsaw puzzles but it does the best it can.

The game has water themed sound effects making it seem like you’re actually playing the game under the sea.

Review:  Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

It doesn’t take long to solve a puzzle, even at the hardest piece count and when you’re finished you see the image as one photograph.

Review:  Aqua Jigsaw for iPhone OS

The game offers good replay value.  There are several included photos from which to choose from in addition to being able to use your own.

Priced at only 99 cents if you’re into jigsaw puzzles it’s a no brainer.  It has great graphics, very smooth gameplay and fun sound effects.

Check it out in the iTunes App Store.

M.S.R.P. – 99 cents

What I like – good replay value, inexpensive.

What I don’t like – iPhone’s smallish screen makes it a little hard to play.

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  • 99Games

    Thanks a lot for the great review Larry. Yeah, Jigsaw is a tradition in many families. I’ve grown up coming back from school to solve beautiful Jigsaws. This game can be very entertaining, especially for kids. Its a different kind of joy putting in the last piece of Jigsaw.

    The best part about Aqua Jigsaw is that you can download a lot of fun images and play this jigsaw so you’ll never run out of puzzles.

    Do let us know if you have any other suggestions for us.