Apple’s WWDC News As It Comes In From the Keynote Talk

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Apple's WWDC News As It Comes In From the Keynote Talk Listen to this article


12:50 EST: We’ll be following the news as it rolls in from the WWDC Keynote. Join us for a conversation in the comments below…

So the question of the hours as we are five minutes out… why ONE announcement are you most hoping for?

And we are off- Tim Cook is up on stage… no, wait, Siri is doing the intro. (Cute…)

“I am excited about the new Samsung, not the phone, the refrigerator.”
( hahaha eh)
Now Cook is on stage.
23rd WWDC, sold out in under 2 hours.
App Store:
400 million accounts (equals 400 million examples of access to people’s money)
650,000 apps in the App Store (I loaded all the original apps when it launched. Well UNDER a 1000)
30 BILLION apps downloaded
Payout to Devs has been over 5 BILLION
App Store in 155 countries once the 30 new arrive.
“Our goal is to do great work and in doing so make a difference in people’s lives” (oh and print money…)
(Love it, as the Keynote was starting Expansys USA sent out a mass email about the Samsung Galaxy S 3 being available.)
Notebook updates:
MacBook Air
3rd Gen Ivy Bridge
up to 2.0 ghz Core i7
up to 8GB RAM 1600 mhz
up to 512GB storage (wow!)
Combined USB2 and USB3 port, FaceTime camera is HD 720p.
60% faster graphics
Both 11″ and 13″ models
1366 by 768 in 11″
Neither gets a Retina display but both are shipping today!!

MacBook Pro

Also has 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge

up to 2.7 GHZ

8GB RAM at 1600 mhz

Discrete GPU is now the GeForce GT 650M, 1GB

Both USBs are USB 3

13″ is $1199 and $1499

15″ is $1799 and $2199

7 hour battery life


(All current models are updates or, it seems, killed if we do not see the 17″)


Next Generation MacBook Pro…

New Display (retina)

Radically thin and light

(I’m buying)

Gets rid of old stuff (i.e. optical drive)

Just .71 inches (about a MacBook air)

4.46 pounds

And yes, a retina display

15.4″ and 2880 by 1800 res

“World’s highest resolution notebook display”

Will ship with Lion

Stock apps are updated

Pro apps are too


If apps have not been updated they will be pixel doubled… (we know that story… hug)

“Inside is as amazing as the display”

mostly battery it appears

2.7 GHz quad-core processor

up to 16GB RAM at 1600 MHz

Next-gen Kepler graphics, GT 650M with 1GB of VRAM

768 GB storage max- of course flash

Even thinner magsafe (MagSafe 2)

2 Thunderbolt ports, another USB3/2, and headphone jack

SD slot, HDMI, USB3 USB2 combo ports

Glass multitouch trackpad onboard, backlit keyboard, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 4

Facetime HD camera, DUAL Mics

Awesome speakers

“The very best computer that we’ve ever built.”

The display and case are now one. Even more uni-body than ever.

Promised to be quiet and cool too

(So much for WWDC not being about hardware!)

$2199 starting price for 2.3 quad core, 8GB RAM and 256GB

Ships today


Mountain Lion to Lion transition. (I used the Beta for a while and, as a devoted iOS-user the updates make it all that much more familiar and there is even more since I went back to Lion))

iCloud expansion- Docs in the cloud available on all Apple apps that use documents.

Developer SDK available

Notification Center- has a switch so you can turn it off

Dictation is now on the Mac- Everywhere (WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!) (Add in the dual microphones on the new MacBook Pro and…)

Tons of enhancements to sharing, Safari and more. Multitouch gestures, sharing from Safari and various apps. All in all there is just more integration between what is on the screen and iCloud, social media etc.

You can even tweet from the notification center and use dictation to do it. (Thanks for the head up MacRumors)

WOW!- Power Nap feature- lets your mac stay up to date (fetching mail, reminders and calendars etc) while it is in sleep mode. It will even update Photo Stream. (That means no more lag when you first come out of sleep)

AirPlay Mirroring is sweet! (Be afraid networks, be very afraid)

Other cool suff- Mail VIPs- messages will show up as notifications (LOVE!), Gatekeeper, Offline reading list

Mountain Lion ships to the App Store next month for $19.99 and one price updates all your Macs!!

New Macs from today on upgrade for free.


Apple has sold 365 million iOS devices and 80% of customers are winning iOS 5.0

84 of the top 100 social apps use Apple’s push notifications

140 million iMessage users

150B messages sent

“Every year brings a new iOS and this year is no exception”

(WOW, just locked into the annual update)

iOS 6.0

200 new features including significant enhancements to Siri

Sir i in iOS 6.0

Huge and powerful improvements for sports fans. Scores, stats and more

Siri  doesn’t just do sports now- big on food too

Partnered with Yelp so you can use Siri to make dinner reservations

Yelp to OpenTable- slick

Siri now also does movies – info, ratings, trailers

It can even find films based on actors and actresses

And Siri can now launch apps (FINALLY!!!!)

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