AppBox Pro Review for iPhone/Touch App Review

AppBox Pro™ is huge set of applications which has 18 apps including,

> Battery Life
> Clinometer(Inclinometer) – Surface/Bubble Level
> Currency Converter – 195 Currencies
> Date Calculator
> Days Until(Countdown)
> Flashlight(Torch)
> Holidays – 83 Countries
> Loan Calculator
> Periodic Calculator
> Price Grab
> Random Number
> Ruler
> Sale Price
> System Info
> Tip Calculator
> Translator
> Unit Converter – 17 Categories, 357 Units
> Web Apps Links

– Apps are configurable, Arrange, Show/Hide and Rename. New!
– 8 New apps introduced, Battery Life, Flashlight, Random, Ruler, Sale Price, System Info, Translator, and Web Apps.
– 357 Units in 17 Categories. Added!
– Reminder Ability for Days Until. New!
– Passcode Protection for Periodic Calendar. New!
– Jump to Web Apps without having to open safari

The app icon fittingly represents a Swiss Army knife.  This app is a huge collection of small apps often purchased on their own.  Most iPhone users have a large collection of small interesting apps that probably are not used daily, but serve a specialized purpose.  AppBox takes the idea for these apps and puts them in one package.

I was able to eliminate several apps and save screen real estate.  These apps are probably not the best apps in their category, but they are useful and come all bundled together.  Probably my favorite of the apps is Price Grabber.  This allows a comparison between two items while shopping and helps determine the best value.  My wife has begun using this on our monthly trip to Costco.

One of the great features of the app is the ability to customize.  The homepage can display any of the apps of your choosing.  The default is to display all of them, but if there is no need for a pregnancy calendar, it is easily removed.  In settings simply uncheck the items that are not needed and they will not be visible.  A link to a nice list of web apps is available and they are easily added to the apps.

I found my favorite setting is to set Dashboard as my default and use the toolbar.  Now the dashboard is open upon launching the app.  In any application click the apps button and a scrollable toolbar appears at the top.  This is a nice looking and useful feature when changing apps quickly.

AppBox Pro really has too many features for one review.  Each user will discover their own unique experience using it depending on the apps they use.  Why pay $.99 a piece for many small specialized apps when you can buy AppBox Pro for $.99 here in the app store!

What I like: A large collection of apps combined into one package.  Many customization options.

What I don’t like: Some of the apps included are not as good as others available.

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