R-Rated Calculators…Only in the App Store.


What would you rate a calculator on the age-rating system in the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store? Does a calculator even NEED an age warning? Apparently, according to Apple it does…read on for details, and the absurd way this has been resolved…

PCalc, by TLA Systems, was given a 17+ rating by Apple. Why? Because when you type 5318008 and flip the calculator upside down, it spells (WARNING: NSFW, do not read on if you are easily offended)

BOOBIES (8008135)

So what’s the solution? Censor that number, of course! No one ever needs to know that 2659004*2=5318008! And why stop at that? They should also censor 7734 (HELL). I mean, come on here.

And having censored it, the app now has a 4+ rating.

I’m sorry…it’s just…there are no words left. I can’t even wrap my head around the insanity of the app store approval process on a normal day, and on days when the logic for ratings is based on a game of “Spell dirty words with your calculator” then it’s a whole new level of screwy.

I only really use my iPhone as an iPod Touch for various reasons that have nothing to do with the app store, but when I hear about stuff like this it just reinforces why I won’t be using it as my primary phone anytime soon. Do these kinds of antics affect your buying decisions? Do you think it’s justified to censor a calculator for having the same trick all calculators have had since 1976?

Via Macworld

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