R-Rated Calculators…Only in the App Store.


What would you rate a calculator on the age-rating system in the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store? Does a calculator even NEED an age warning? Apparently, according to Apple it does…read on for details, and the absurd way this has been resolved…

PCalc, by TLA Systems, was given a 17+ rating by Apple. Why? Because when you type 5318008 and flip the calculator upside down, it spells (WARNING: NSFW, do not read on if you are easily offended)

BOOBIES (8008135)

So what’s the solution? Censor that number, of course! No one ever needs to know that 2659004*2=5318008! And why stop at that? They should also censor 7734 (HELL). I mean, come on here.

And having censored it, the app now has a 4+ rating.

I’m sorry…it’s just…there are no words left. I can’t even wrap my head around the insanity of the app store approval process on a normal day, and on days when the logic for ratings is based on a game of “Spell dirty words with your calculator” then it’s a whole new level of screwy.

I only really use my iPhone as an iPod Touch for various reasons that have nothing to do with the app store, but when I hear about stuff like this it just reinforces why I won’t be using it as my primary phone anytime soon. Do these kinds of antics affect your buying decisions? Do you think it’s justified to censor a calculator for having the same trick all calculators have had since 1976?

Via Macworld

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2 Comments on "R-Rated Calculators…Only in the App Store."

  1. This is just classic.

    Carly, you bring up a great point here on the logic side of this discussion. I fully get the fact that Apple and Microsoft (as of Tuesday of this week) have to be careful of what they let in and keep out of their stores. From that perspective they are just like any other retailer. The problem I have seen with Apple is it is so bloody random. They keep a calculator out but allow a fart application? Seriously?

    What Apple, Microsoft, Palm and everyone else needs to do is publish a guideline that is clear and precise on what is and what is not allowed. That would give the developer a clear direction. If they produce something that is within the guidelines and it gets rejected then they would have recourse on it. As it is today, they are pretty much out of luck.

  2. IliumSoftware | October 5, 2009 at 10:19 am |

    Um – doesn’t this mean that every single application with text entry is 17+? This includes everthing from games where you can enter your name for high scores:

    1st Place Boobies! 2356 pts

    to expense trackers:

    10/5 Boobies $13.00

    I guess any app using the Keyboard = 17+ now?

    – Marc

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