Car Cam Voyager with LCD, because ‘stuff’ happens


New York-based BrickHouse Security is not only dedicated to assisting the public and government with their security, safety, protection, covert surveillance and counter-surveillance needs, but they also want to offer peace of mind for our mobile environments as well.

Their new Car Cam Voyager with LCD lets viewers see exactly what is happening while you’re driving – in real time. This car camera not only provides a live feed on its built-in 2-inch 320×240 screen (not sure who is going to be looking at it when they can just look out the windshield), but it also records up to 48 hours of video on the road with an (optional) 32GB microSD card. The device records footage at 720×480 30fps and it sports a wide angle 2.0 megapixel sensor.

The Car Cam Voyager with LCD looks easy enough to set up, with no installation required – all you have to do is plug it in to your cigarette lighter and place it on the dashboard or overhead visor. Parents of teen drivers as well as fleet vehicle owners will appreciate the Car Cam Voyager as this is a great way to monitor driving habits, and it’s extremely useful to have on hand as evidence should you ever need protection from unfair insurance claims or need to provide evidence from a car accident.

These days there are many ways for vehicle owners to keep tabs on what is going on with a vehicle when not in their possession from simple GPS trackers to tattle-tale devices such as this. And while some can be kept quite clandestine in nature and appearance, the Car Cam Voyager has to be mounted somewhere in the open so drivers will know someone is (potentially) always watching.

This camera offers advanced features such as a back-up battery that will continue recording even if you’re car goes dead. That means that in case of an accident you will continue recording the evidence you need to protect yourself. The camera also automatically protects recorded files every 15 minutes so you won’t have to scan through hours of video, you can find the video segment you need. And when your memory card has been exceeded, the camera will simply overwrite and continue recording. You never even have to look at your recorded footage until you have an accident or need to refer back to a specific situation.


Uses for the Car Camera include:
• Monitor your teen’s driving habits.
• Get the hard evidence you need to protect yourself from unfair insurance claims.
• Get evidence from an accident.
• Review footage of where vehicle has been.
Features include:
• Easy to start recording by simply plugging the power jack into the 12-volt outlet.
• 2 recording modes that you can easily customize to suit your security needs.
• Full stop with “beep” warning sound.
• Overwrite the earliest recording file while memory card is full.
• Protected recording files a separate video is created every 15 minutes in (200MB) segments.
• Automatic battery back-up; 15 minutes of post-event video in an event of a power failure.
• Up to 32GB micro SD card compatible
• Assures clearer, smooth and more fluent image transmission.
• Never miss the details with high resolution 720×480 pixels, and high frame rate of 25 ~ 30 frames per second.
• Wide-angle 2.0 mega pixel camera records the moments before and after a presumed incident.
• MPEG 4 recording format.
• Built-in 2 inch, 320 x 240 pixels color TFT-LCD.
• Additional A/V input for alternative A/V applications such as recording scenic drives.
• Archive and edit recorded videos via computer.


The Car Cam Voyager with LCD retails for $299.95 at BrickHouse Security.

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