Amber Alert GPS provides remote location tracking of youngsters

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Amber Alert GPS provides remote location tracking of youngsters Listen to this article

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The new Amber Alert GPS is a handy (albeit costly at $279 plus monitoring fees) device for parents wanting to keep track of their children. Slip the GPS into a backpack or other secure location. Throughout the day you receive text messages that show you exactly where your child is. Safety zones can be setup so if for example they were to wander away from school during the day you would automatically receive an alert. Once you’ve received an alert you can log into a web site to show the exact track that they’ve taken (requires unlimited service plan). There’s also an SOS button that can be activated by your child in the event of an emergency, a speed alert (handy for teens) and temperature alert. This device lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge (the company sells other larger models that last 5 and 21 days respectively). Current price for the Amber Alert GPS is $279 and monthly recurring monitoring fees add another $9.99 for the basic service which allows for 75 monthly alerts.

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Amber Alert GPS

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