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Griffin Splash

Griffin was one of the very first accessory manufacturers to churn out items for Apple’s line of personal media players.  They’ve been making cases, chargers, FM transmitters and other items for a long time.  There’s an old marketing phrase that goes something like “innovate or die.”  It seems Griffin recognizes this, and instead of sticking with the same lineup of cases year after year they’ve recently released several new iPhone cases for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs.

Griffin was kind enough to send Judie and me a few of the new cases for review.

The Reveal:

It’s no secret.  I’m a caseaholic.  At any given time I probably have close to fifty cases for my iPhone 3Gs in my cabinet.  But here’s a secret.  I actually prefer the iPhone as close to its naked form as I can get.  I like slim cases and I like slim, clear cases even better.  I like to show the iPhone as close to the original style Apple designed it to be as I can get.  The Reveal fits both of my requirements perfectly.

Griffin first launched the Reveal several months ago, but only in black.  This time around they’ve released the case in all new colors.  You can now choose from Black, White, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink and Magenta.

Griffin Reveal Colors

I bought the the Black version of the Reveal as soon as it was released, and while I love the case I just don’t think it matches my white iPhone all that well.  Although when I placed a skin on the back of my iPhone the Black Reveal really looked great.  The Reveal has just enough room that you can use it with a skin on the backside of your device.

Reveal with skin

However that being said the new White version I was sent to review matches my white iPhone perfectly.

The case itself is a blend of hard, clear plastic on the back with softer rubber rails along the sides and top.  At only 1.4 mm the Reveal doesn’t add much in the way of bulk to the iPhone but it does do a great job of protecting the back and sides of your phone from scratches and some impact.

Reveal white back

The Reveal is a one piece case which means there’s no creaking or movement of the phone once it’s inserted.  There’s proper cut outs for the camera lens, vibrate switch and headset port.  The sleep awake button and volume rocker get covered in the rubber but are still fully accessible.

Revel white front

Judie was sent the pink version of the Reveal.  Here are here thoughts……

I am really impressed by the snug fit and slimness of the Reveal; it is easily one of the slimmest cases I’ve ever tried. The combination of a hard clear plastic back and the soft silicone sides makes for an an easy to grip, protective shell.


I like the way that the volume and power buttons are covered by the silicone sides. These buttons are quite responsive, and having them covered adds to the case’s sleekness. All that’s needed to make the package complete is a good screen protector.


Perfectly positioned cutouts allow access to the headphone jack, vibrate switch, and the charging / syncing port.


The Reveal is definitely the case for someone who doesn’t want to add extra bulk or weight to their iPhone, and I like that you can use it even when a skin is installed.

The Reveal is available for $24.99 directly from the Griffin web site.

M.S.R.P. – $24.99

What we like – Clear protective back with colored sides; thin; ability to display a favorite skin through the clear back

What Needs Improvement – No protection for bottom strip of chrome

Elan Form Etch:

The Elan Form has always been one of Griffin’s most popular offerings.  It’s come in a variety of styles from plain black leather to carbon fiber to pink.  It’s a high quality, two piece slider that allows you to easily dock the iPhone by simply removing the bottom portion.

The Elan Etch line features six new cases each with its own unique pattern.

Elan Form Etch

Judie was sent the Elan for Etch Vintage for review.  Here are her thoughts…..

This was the first Griffin leather case that I’ve used, and I was very impressed by how slim it was. The feel of the case is lovely, and the two pieces that form the case manage to protect every corner as well as the chrome surrounding the screen.


Cutouts are perfectly positioned for all of the ports and buttons. The only quibble that I have with this style, is that I wish there was a little more of a “lock” when the two pieces of the case are brought together. In other words, it’s normal for them to slide apart by a millimeter or so during regular use.


Once again, all that is needed is a screen protector for total coverage.


The Elan Form Etch is an intricately patterned case, and the etchings dress up what would have otherwise been a simple brown leather cover.


Larry told me that he thought this pattern was a little bit feminine, but oddly enough – the more I look at it, the more masculine it seems. This etched leather case is a great alternative to plain black or brown leather, and I think that this particular pattern is one that either gender might enjoy carrying.

The Elan Form Etch is available for $34.99 directly from the Griffin web site.

M.S.R.P. – $34.99

What I like – Does not add much bulk or weight to the iPhone; intricate pattern dresses up otherwise plain leather; precise and slim fit

What Needs Improvement – It’s a small quibble, but I wish there was a bit more of a “lock” when the two parts of the case are in place

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