Moshi Kameleon iPhone 6 Case Review

The notion of a kickstand phone case is intriguing to me as its such a new development: only in the last few years have we had the screen size and camera resolution to make it useful. The Moshi Kameleon for iPhone 6/6s is a kickstand case for your iPhone that hides it’s utilitarian nature in a solid looking shell.

Moshi Kameleon iPhone 6 Case Review

From Moshi:

“Moshi’s Kameleon is a sophisticated kickstand case for the iPhone 6 that provides hands-free video viewing and protects your iPhone in style. A soft microfiber lining cradles your device while a highly-resilient polycarbonate/TPU hybrid shell cushions it from shocks and bumps. Slimmer than ever, Kameleon’s built-in aluminum kickstand props your iPhone 6 horizontally as well as vertically, allowing you to watch videos or FaceTime with someone completely hands-free. Designed for everyday use, Kameleon is the ideal kickstand case for those seeking stylish functionality and protection in one.”

* Elegant protection with slim yet durable aluminum kickstand.
* Offers convenient viewing in both portrait and landscape modes.
* Composite construction provides ample shock absorption and scratch resistance.
* Raised bezel protects the display when iPhone is laid flat.
* Lightweight and durable materials selection for extended product life.

Moshi Kameleon iPhone 6 Case Review

Kickstand cases that I have seen used by friends are popular for a few particular applications: watching videos, hands-free FaceTime calls, and using it as a virtual tripod to capture ‘action shots’ of a runner. Yes I know that second one is oddly specific, but you’d be surprised how much of my Instagram feed consists of these!

On the surface the Moshi Kameleon is pretty much similar to a Moshi iGlaze Armour with a kickstand attached. That might seem like an over-simplification, but it also set my expectations. As such there are two elements to discuss, the kickstand and the case. Let’s take each in turn.

As a case, the Kameleon is pretty similar to the iGlaze Armour-it installs easily, provides excellent all-around protection, and adds minimal weight and bulk. Unfortunately it has a similar issue with blocking all but the thinnest audio-out cables from fully inserting.

Moshi Kameleon iPhone 6 Case Review

As a kickstand, the Kameleon is simple yet effective. On the back of the case is a brushed silver hinged tab that folds out to allow the case to stand up in either portrait or landscape mode. This is a perfect angle for using it as a FaceTime stand, setting on the ground for running ‘action shots’, or sitting it on a desk to watch movies.

The biggest issue overall with the Kameleon is that for a $50 case it doesn’t wear very well. After just a few months of normal use, our test unit no longer has a kickstand and the case itself looks pretty rough. On the upside the phone it is protecting still looks pristine! The problem with the kickstand is that although it is thin and mounts close to the body of the case, there is just enough raised edge that it gets caught on things and eventually loosens up and then subsequently gets broken.

Moshi Kameleon iPhone 6 Case Review

Overall I was initially very impressed with the Moshi Kameleon in terms of looks, the efficient design, and features. However, for a $50 case to so quickly become worn out was disappointing. This is a tough challenge in making a case thin and light while adding a kickstand, and sadly crossing that with the rough handling of a college student seems beyond the capability of the Moshi Kameleon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

MSRP: $49.95

What I Like: Thin and light protection; Unobtrusive kickstand; Solid build construction for the case; Reasonable price.

What Needs Improvement: Makes access to audio out jack more difficult than similar cases; Kickstand can catch on things too easily; Less durable than iGlaze Armour.

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