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October 24, 2009 • Reviews

With ReelDirector App Flip Loses Key Advantage Over iPhone


The iPhone shoots video that is “good enough”. The Flip UltraHD shoots video that is better. That allows the Flip to maintain a slight edge over the iPhone but just slight. The HUGE advantage the Flip series had was the inclusion of built-in editing software. Once plugged in to a computer, the software popped up and allowed you to trim video and add credits.

That key advantage is now GONE thanks to the $7.99 app ReelDirector. It is pretty impressive…

Like the Flip series of Video cameras, the ReelDirector app lets you add title and closing credits. Unlike the Flip series the app lets you add those credits ON THE GO! Seriously, you can now take a video clip, add credits and post it in SECONDS no matter where you are so long as you have a data connection.


With the app you can add opening and closing credits. Best of all, it is SIMPLE to do!


In addition, you can add a series of clips together and put a transition between each.


The app adds some key basic features that have been missing since the iPhone 3GS took on the mobile video market. It isn’t fancy, and the iPhone’s small screen makes any in-depth editing a challenge, but for adding credits, giving a video a more polished look and bringing a few different videos together while on the go it is quite impressive.

Here is a quick example I did… in three minutes…

Bottom line… it was 8 bucks worth spending.

This app is cool; Flip is crying.

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