Music Sleep Timer for iPhone/Touch

The past month I have been revitalizing my love for music by using MOG music subscription service. In fact, I have spent more time listening to music in that time than I probably listened to more music than the prior year. While laying down for bed recently, I told my wife that I used to love to cue up my favorite mix tape cassette and fall asleep while listening. The cassette would always stop when it reached the end. My iPhone does not do that! When I broke that news to her she replied, “you don’t have an app that will stop your music, Mr. Tech Man?”


A quick search in the App Store brought me to Music Sleep Timer. Let’s take a quick look.



This may undoubtably be the quickest and easiest Blue Plate Special due to the simplicity of the app. The beauty of the problem the app solves is that it does not warrant extra features. Opening the application brings up a timer setting dial and countdown timer. Roll the setting to your desired time and tap Start and let the app do the rest. Any time from 1 minute to 23 hours 59 minutes can be chosen. The app works with the iPod application as well as third-party music apps like Pandora or MOG. For the app to properly function, make sure it is open while the music is playing. When the timer runs out, the device will go black and silent.


Yes, the review is short and to the point, but so is the application. No extra bells and whistles, which I think is good because they are not needed. This is one of those apps where the user presents a problem and the application solves it. Plain and simple. I do recommend being connected to a charging device while falling asleep to the music so you do not wake up to a dead device. If you have the same need to set a sleep timer for your music go check out Music Sleep Timer here in the app store for free.

What I Like: I needed an app to turn off my music when I fall asleep and found one. Easy to use and it works.

What Needs Improvement: Not much, it works for me.


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