Orba for iPhone/Touch App Review

My gaming tastes are either changing, or I have become a simple person in my older age.  It seems the flurry of simple puzzle games not only entertain me, but also keep me addicted to the small bursts of gaming time I have.  Orba is a simple screen clearing game.  The premise is simple and has been seen in several games.  Tap chains of three or more orbs in an attempt to clear the board.

Orba is a beautiful game with nicely polished graphics and sound.  The game is developed by Kieffer Bros. who develop several stunning apps.  Many games in this genre do not include this level of finish to a simple puzzle game.

The gameplay is amazingly addictive.  Begin by clearing the board with three colors.  Chains of orbs that can be cleared are highlighted in the orb color and a click of that chain eliminates it from the board.  The colored chains assists in the planning of clearing the board.  I have began to carefully plan each step always building one color to keep connecting so that when it is eliminated it is worth more points.  It is also important to plan each move to ensure other orbs will stay in or make chains.  Bonus points are rewarded for large chains as well as eliminating an entire color.  Once no moves are left, orbs fall from the top and fill the screen for the next level.

There you have it!  Even though there is not a lot to write about, Orba is a gorgeous, addictive game.  Try the game for your self for FREE for a limited time.  Get it here in the app store. Plan well and you will be rewarded!

What I like: Simple gameplay that requires thought and is addicting.  Polished graphics.

What Could Be Improved: I like specials to keep the levels moving.

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