FX Photo Studio For iPhone/iPad Free Until August 5th


It is often said that the best camera is the one in your hand. This is true and our mobile devices have become the main photography tools for most people. Most modern cell phones and tablets have fantastic cameras and chipsets, but there often is something missing to make them the perfect shot. My favorite aspect of using my iPhone for photos is the ability to immediately edit and enhance images on the fly. I take pride in my ability to make my phone pics look great and use my iPad to edit images from my DSLR. With the use of the camera kit, I can immediately upload the pics and make them look great without the use of a computer. It is fast, easy and mobile. FX  Photo Studio, which has been a popular photo editor on the Mac platform has just been released for the iPhone and iPad. The best part is that the app is currently free.


FX Photo Studio is a large collection of photo effects and filters that promise to make all of your photos special. Using over 194 high quality effects, the app turns an iPhone and iPad into a virtual filter machine. The filters are stackable and can be drawn in specific areas allowing users to create completely new filters. Adjust gamma, hues, contrast and more. The app also allows the addition of watermarks and text bubbles. It is kind of a one stop shop for editing apps. When the photos are perfect, you can share them to your favorite social media sites and even order them as a post card sent to family and friends. Both the iPad and iPhone versions of the app are free until August 5th so make sure to check it out.

FX Photo Studio For iPhone

FX Photo Studio HD For iPad

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