Traffic Rush for iPhone/Touch App Review

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Anyone who drives in the city knows the frustrations of a busy intersection.  How great would it be to get rid of the stop light and control the traffic on your own?  Take control over a busy intersection from above with the addictive game Traffic Rush.  The game is currently the top ranked free app in iTunes and will provide some traffic relieving fun for the passing gamer.

The object of Traffic Rush is quite simple, execution can be other wise.  A major four way intersection needs your help.  There is no traffic light, and the drivers seem to have no sense to give the right away.  Your job is to keep the traffic moving and not allow any crashes.  The task is easy enough as the game begins, but the upcoming rush hour is soon approaching and the traffic will gradually get heavier.  Swipe a car to send it speeding or tap on the car to stop it for a short time.  These controls have to be managed as the vehicles converge on the intersection at varying speeds.

There are different colored cars, trucks and motorcycles which will travel at varying speeds.  The more busy the intersection becomes, the more these speed differences will affect the decision making.  Each car that leaves the screen counts as a point.  If you like global scoring, you can check your scores with others on their website.  Just a word of warning, the high scores are insane!  That is it, simple yet addictive.

If you want to solve your traffic frustrations, check out Traffic Rush which is free for a limited time here in the app store.

What I like: Fun addictive game idea.  The difficulty gradually increases for fun gameplay.

What needs improvement: Added levels with different intersections would be nice.

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  1. I got this game on my iPod Touch. I would say it's a very addicting game. More levels would definitely be nice. 🙂

  2. I got this game on my iPod Touch. I would say it's a very addicting game. More levels would definitely be nice. 🙂

  3. Lol this game is pretty neat. At first the game seems real easy, then it gets completely crazy! Nice pixel art as well.

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