Apple Wins a Permanent Injunction Against Psystar

Apple Wins a Permanent Injunction Against Psystar
It looks like Apple has won a permanent injunction against Psystar. The judge has ordered Psystar to comply with the injunction by December 31st.

The injunction specifically calls on Psystar to stop:

* Copying, selling, offering to sell, distributing or creating derivative works of Mac OS X without authorization from Apple.

* Intentionally inducing, aiding, assisting, abetting or encouraging any other person or entity to infringe Apple’s copyrighted Mac OS X software.

* Circumventing any technological measure that effectively controls access Mac OS X, including, but not limited to, the technological measure used by Apple to prevent unauthorized copying of Mac OS X on non-Apple computers.

* Playing any part in a product intended to circumvent Apple’s methods for controlling Mac OS X, such as the methods used to prevent unauthorized copying of Mac OS X on non-Apple computers.

* Doing anything to circumvent the rights held by Apple under the Copyright Act with respect to Mac OS X.

It’s not clear yet whether or not this will apply to the Rebel EFI that was being used as well.   Apparently, the judge felt that it was unclear whether or not the software itself violated copyright, but remember that In November the court ruled (summarily) against Psystar saying that they had infringed on Apple copyrights and violated the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Personally, I am in favor of open and fair use actions, but I kind of expected this end result way back when it appeared that Psystar went too far and then flaunted their actions in front of Apple.   You don’t wave the red cloth in front of the bull unless you want to run!

What do you think?   Did you expect this end result?   Is it fair or do you think Psystar got the short end of the stick?  Does the DMCA go too far?

via AppleInsider

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