Draw Something Is an Evil Time-Waster That I Can’t Stop Playing

You would think that with a name like DrawSomething, you would need artistic talent to play. But that is simply not so. All you need to get addicted to this evil, rotten game is one friend who will play you, a sense of humor, and a bit of patience. I first found out about this game last week while I was getting my nails done. Tracy, my nail tech, said she was playing and was addicted. I’d never heard of it, so I downloaded the free version and said I would check it out later.

I put it off for a few days.

Then I read that Zynga had “acquired” the game in a reported $210 million deal (!!!). That caught my attention. What drawing game (other than the original Pictionary, perhaps) could be worth so much money? Were they crazy?

It turns out Zynga was freaking brilliant.

Draw something allows you to play friends (chosen by user name or by linking with Facebook) and strangers by picking whether you will draw a one, two or three coin picture.

I like to play for the three coin guesses …

When people guess my drawings, they earn coins, and then they have to trun around and draw something for me to figure out.

Artistic levels of the people you play can vary wildly, but what makes it so much fun — especially when you are playing friends and family — is seeing how their mind works. Because not only do you get to watch the entire process of them making your drawing (as they get to watch yours when you are doing theirs), you get to watch them try to figure out what you drew by putting the letters in the blanks. The worse the drawing, the crazier the guesswork can get.


I’m sure that you aren’t supposed to use words at all, but sometimes I just can’t help myself; I’m not the only one.


There are no clear winners or losers; the worse thing that happens when you can’t guess something is you reset your “streak”, and when you’ve won enough you can use the coins you’ve earned to buy extra colors or bombs. Bombs are used to blow away the excess letters when there are six blanks and twelve letters waiting, for instance.

You can play Draw Something Free, or you can pony up 99¢ for the paid Draw Something by OMGPOP app (you get a nice supply of free coins when you do this); both apps work on either the iPhone or iPad. You can also play the paid and the free version on Android. The game is too much fun, too addictive, and a complete and total time-waster.

I love it. =)

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