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I like casual games.   I’ve said that before here on Gear Diary and I’m sure I will say it again.  I recently got to review Montezuma 2 from Alawar Games and now I’m back to review another Alawar title – Hotel Mogul.


Alawar was nice enough to send me a code to download this game and one of the first things I notices is that Hotel Mogul is another time-management game.  In this game, you are developing land into desirable vacation property, but you have time limits in which to complete the goals of the level.

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The game feels to me a lot like a combo of SimCity and Cooking Dash, but isn’t really exactly like either one.     Just as in many time management game, you “shop” for additional items to help you in meeting the goals of the upcoming level(s).  In this game you are shopping for different kinds of building that will either bring in income of their own or will enhance the income potential of surrounding buildings.

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Hotel Mogul has very nice graphics and game play is very smooth.  The goals are clear and the challenge is just enough to keep you trying (or retrying) to complete a level within the “expert” time frame.


As you move through the levels the challenges get progressively more difficult to meet within the “expert” time frame.  There are even bonus levels with a different sub-game to play!

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What I Liked: I really enjoy the level of challenge the game offers – not too much for a casual game, yet not so little that you are immediately bored.  I also liked the graphics.

What Could Be Better: I think I would have liked to have seen more variety in the settings of each level.  The background graphics changed, but not much else did – a few rows of lots to be developed in each case.  I would have like to have seen building on hills, or on the beach, or whatever.  A little more layout variety would have been nice.

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Overall:I think fans of time management games will find this a nice addition to their game collection.   There’s enough going on here to keep you entertained without overwhelming you.  The improvements I mention are minor and the gameplay is fun even with the layout limitations.  I definitely recommend that you take a little time to check out this game!

Hotel Mogul is available at the AppStore for $1.99 or if you are uncertain there is even a “Lite” version for you to try first!

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