First Dishonored DLC Released, Dunwall City Trials

Dunwall City Trials

Dunwall City Trials, the first official add-on pack for Dishonored, is available for download for $4.99 on PlayStation 3 and PC, and 400 Microsoft points on Xbox 360.

This Dishonored DLC includes 10 challenge maps (normal difficulty) that will test and track action, stealth, puzzle and mobility skills. Players can also unlock six expert difficulty maps. Player performance is rated on a three star system where each star earned unlocks artwork in the gallery (44 total).

Players can also check out their performance on online leaderboards or view the credits of the hard-working folks who created the DLC. New trophies and achievements will be hard-earned among various challenges including maximum target elimination, wave battles, a unique race with a train, a mansion heist, and drop assassination attacks.

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