iPhone EXOVault: Not your daddy’s plastic slider case

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It’s no secret.  I’ve got  ton of iPhone cases.  Are many of them the same color?  Yes.  Are many of them the same style (i.e. slider, snap on etc?)  Yes.

Are you in the same situation, and tired of looking at the same old style of case for you iPhone?  Hunkering for something totally unique and totally different?

The EXOvault, recently reviewed by YouTuber ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy, might be the case you’ve been looking for.

Handcrafted, by NYC artists, from solid metal stock in two pieces, the case provides you with a distinctive and beautiful handcrafted object that sets itself apart from the average modern plastic world.

You can choose from light silver-tone aluminum, black aluminum or classic brass all made to perfectly fit the iPhone 3G or 3GS.

If you want to learn more head to the EXOVault website where you can read a description of each case.

When you’re ready to order you can do so right on the site.  Of course being different doesn’t come cheap.  Each of the EXOVault cases sells for $95 plus $14 for U.S. shipping, making it one of the most expensive cases available.

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