With SurePayroll’s iPhone App, You Can Now Process Payroll Anywhere. Uh, Yea?


Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur?  When things are tight and sales are slight, have you ever “forgotten” to process payroll before leaving the office for the golf course?  Well, SurePayroll, an online payroll service, has just ruined your day.  SurePayroll has just released a free iPhone app for small business owners who use their service.  No longer do you need to be at your desk or even in front of your laptop.  The iPhone app provides access to SurePayroll accounts and allows the user to:

  • Enter payroll information and preview totals, including calculating wages and deductions.  The SurePayroll service automatically deposits and files all federal, state, and local payroll taxes.
  • Approve and run payroll. Once the payroll data is entered and calculated, SurePayroll users can complete their payroll, paying employees with direct deposit or a paper check.
  • Use additional features, including the payroll calendar, reports, and direct connect to Customer Service.

If I were a small business owner, being able to process payroll from anywhere would certainly make things easier.  Of course, if I were a small business employee, I’d be a lot happier that the excuses just ended.

The SurePayroll app is available here in the iTunes store.

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