Questerium: Sinister Trinity for iPad Review

When a meteor lands in a small town, it seems too good to be true – tons of energy and no side effects. Or so people thought! Playing as a police investigator you need to explore the destroyed town and find the lost children who were trapped and left behind, and unravel what happened and how it all went wrong!

Questerium 3

Type of app: Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure

Platform/where to buy: iPad (iPhone available here); available in the iTunes App Store

Developer: Alawar Games / G5 Entertainment

Questerium: Sinister Trinity Description:

  • 39 awesome locations to search
  • 17 hidden object scenes to explore
  • 21 brain-bending mini-games
  • 23 achievements to earn
  • 15 mutant plants to collect
  • Four difficulty modes: casual, normal, hard, pro
  • Decorate your orchard with special items

Questerium 1

Questerium: Sinister Trinity Major features:

As you play through Questerium: Sinister Trinity you learn the story of three lifelong friends – the mayor, a banker and a professor – who decide to explore the piece of meteorite and conduct a series of experiments.

decide to explore the space rock and conduct a series of experiments. With financing from the banker, the professor constructs a dangerous machine that amplifies the energy emanating from the meteor. Unfortunately, it causes the meteor’s energy to spin out of control and destroy the town. All the plants and animals suffer horrible mutations. The mayor quickly evacuates the citizens but accidentally leaves two children behind. As the investigator, you must now find the lost children, dismantle the machine, bring Professor Gustav to justice and save the town!

As always with a hidden object game, I am concerned from the start with the balance of story with puzzles and hidden object scenes. Questerium has a solid story and an emphasis on puzzles over hidden object scenes. Since most games have fewer puzzles, I found this to be refreshing.

Ease of use/Overall performance:

Questerium: Sinister Trinity controls like a very standard hidden object puzzle adventure. You are tapping to find items, unlock new scenes and areas, solve puzzles and uncover clues. The touch accuracy is excellent, and never leaves you feeling frustrated. Puzzles all have logical solutions, and the hint system is well executed and appropriate for each difficulty level.

The graphics and music are excellent, serving to advance the plot and sustain the moody atmosphere.

Questerium 2

Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! I loved the graphics, overlay of live actors on the rendered scenes, the tremendous amount of puzzles throughout the game, and the overall sense of tension and intrigue.

Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing

Source: Publisher provided review code

Price: Free iPad download (iPhone available here), with in-app purchase of $4.99 iPhone / $6.99 iPad. (On sale for $2.99 iPhone / $4.99 iPad through March 13th)

Here is the Questerium: Sinister Trinity trailer:

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