Keep Those Games Safe With New Security Lockers

Keep Those Games Safe With New Security Lockers

Do you have problems with your games and accessories getting borrowed because you live in a dorm or fraternity house and your ‘friends’ never seem to remember to return anything? Well, newPCgadgets has a great idea to help with that – the Security Locker for the XBOX360 and Wii!

According to the Official Site:

Adults can use the Security Locker as a parental control device by simply locking up controllers and games.

Prevents friends and siblings from using your Xbox 360 without permission.

By putting a padlock on the locker, you send a clear ‘hands off’ message, keeping your favorite games and accessories neatly organized but also quite secure. Here are the specs for the XBOX360 Locker:

Secures controllers, games, hard drive and accessories

Steel frame, wire mesh panels and 30mm brass padlock with 2 keys

Measuring 15 1/2″H x 8 1/2″W x 6 1/2″D

Attractive black powder coat finish

Works as Xbox 360 parental control device

Prevents use of Xbox 360 console by locking up controllers

Holds up to 4 controllers, hard drive and 15 games (up to 30 games without controllers)

Of course, back in my fraternity house such a thing would be seen as merely a ‘challenge’ rather than an indication that you actually wanted your stuff to be private … but then again my college days were rather a long time ago …

Keep Those Games Safe With New Security Lockers

Cost is $39.95 for the XBOX360 Security Locker and $29.95 for the Wii Security Locker. Click the link to get more information or to order.


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