Discovery Channel Cannon Challenge for iPhone/Touch Review

Discovery Channel Cannon Challenge for iPhone/Touch Review

My good friend and combat hero, Travis and I were watching the Military Channel yesterday when we saw a commercial for a new version of the Cannon Challenge game.  Before purchasing, we decided to download and play the older, free version of the game.  Travis is a full iPhone and soon to be Mac convert so I like to send plenty of ideas for apps and games.  Discovery Channel Cannon Challenge is the perfect game considering we were watching similar subject matter.  Let’s take a quick look.

Discovery Channel Cannon Challenge for iPhone/Touch Review

Cannon Challenge allows players to take control of their very own NLOS cannon.  NLOS stands for Non-Line-Of-Site which means you will have to use some planning and technique to destroy the enemy.  Basically, shells will be lobbed over mountains and across valleys and have to be placed perfectly to take out targets.  Effectively shooting the shells to the different locations will take practice and planning.  There are fifteen levels, each with different terrain and cannon vantage points.  Fifteen shots are allowed in each round to successfully eliminate all targets.

Discovery Channel Cannon Challenge for iPhone/Touch Review

Cannon Challenge is simple to control, but difficult to master.  Swiping the left side of the screen will raise or lower the elevation of the cannon barrel.  Swiping the right side of the screen will adjust the speed of the velocity of the shot.  To help make the adjustments, the elevation and velocity is represented by a numerical number.  There are times one of two clicks must be made to ensure a perfect shot.  The longer the game is played, the quicker you will be able to dial in the correct elevation and velocity.  Remember, the number of shells is limited each level, so precision is paramount.

Discovery Channel Cannon Challenge for iPhone/Touch Review

Cannon challenge utilizes simple graphics and controls to deliver an entertaining combat game.  Of course, blowing stuff up is always fun, but working to be perfect on the number of hits to shots makes this game both challenging and fun.  I also purchased the new version of the game for my iPad which is much more advanced with both graphically and in game play, but the older version is also fun and easily passes some time.  The best thing about Discovery Channel Cannon Challenge is that it is totally free!  Go check it out here in the app store and start lobbing shells.

What I like: Simple, yet challenging controls make this game great for a quick play, but still requiring some skill.

What could be improved: It would be nice to see another set of levels with added difficulty.

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