Video Review: Darktide Tees, Historic and Gothic Inspired T-Shirts

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Video Review:  Darktide Tees, Historic and Gothic Inspired T-Shirts

I probably wear t-shirts more than any other piece of clothing I own.  It’s what I’m most comfortable in and it allows me to wear a wide variety of colors and designs.  T-shirts go with anything too and that makes planning my wardrobe all that much easier.

Darktide Tees makes historic and gothich inspired t-shirts for both men and women.  The t-shirts are some of the best quality shirts I’ve come across.  They use a special digital transfer process to place images on ring-spun cotton shirts.  This results in a multi-colored, high quality image that both looks and feels amazing.

Some of their designs boarder on the sick and twisted, but guess what?  I like that!  And they have such an extensive catalog of images from which to choose from you’ll even find some more conservative ones too.

The company was kind enough to send me some of their shirts to test drive.

Click on through to check out my video review and then click here to head on over to the Darktide Tees web site to browse their entire collection.

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