Stratos Card Becomes the First All-in-One Connected Card to Ship


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The Stratos Card has officially become the first all-in-one credit card solution to ship. The industry’s first membership-based connected card combines credit, debit, membership, gift, and other magnetic stripe cards into one digital device. The Stratos Card offers bank-level security and contains a proprietary Dual Stripe technology to ensure universal acceptance. Stratos Card membership starts at $95 per year.

Stratos Card Becomes the First All-in-One Connected Card to Ship

The Stratos Card touts enhanced security with users able to lock it out when it travels outside of Bluetooth range of your smartphone. It also includes bank-level encryption as well as your card details being hidden behind a PIN or Touch ID. The Dual Stripe technology mentioned above is what Stratos believes will launch their all-in-one connected card solution above all of the others. The Dual Stripe allows the Stratos to be universally accepted, whether the credit card machine requires a full name or Track 1 data.

The Stratos Mobile App also uses your smartphone’s lock screen for timely information including your top three favorite cards and their last four-digits for verification. Soon, Stratos will also add geo-location and history-based card suggestions, to help you make quick and easy decisions about which card to use.

Stratos Card Becomes the First All-in-One Connected Card to Ship

Membership always has its benefits. The Stratos membership always ensures that your Stratos Card is never obsolete. As the Stratos Platform advances, you’ll be eligible for a free annual upgrade or replacement so that you’re never left in the dust. Future planned Stratos upgrades include NFC contactless payments and fingerprint security.

Check out this quick unboxing video from Stratos:

Stratos membership starts at $95 per year with the option to upgrade to a 2 year membership for an additional $50. Stay tuned to Gear Diary, where we will have a Stratos Card review unit on-hand shortly for a full, honest review.

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