Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS – Review

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS - Review

The first high-quality leather device cases that I used came from Sena Cases. At the time I was impressed by the quality of the leather, the impressive construction that included double or even triple stitched seams, and the overall design of the cases. The company took an approach that ensured cases would be stylish enough to be attractive yet conservative enough to be used anywhere and at any time. Most importantly, they did a great job of protecting whichever device I was looking to use with one of their cases. All this remains true. I was and am a big fan of the company’s products.

Recently Sena was kind enough to let me get a look at one of their newest cases for the iPhone, the Corsa pouch. I’ve never used this style of protection with my iPhone so I was curious to see whether or not I would prefer it to the thin shells I tend to use these days.

Let’s take a look.

From Sena-

This European designer pouch offers a pull strap and an accent stripe which is off-set for a racing inspired sportiness.
Designer Series featuring a two-tone style
Dual-texture style with vincado and perforated leathers
Innovative pull strap system for easy release of iPhone 3GS

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS - Review

As I would expect from Sena the quality of the leather is top notch. It’s soft, nice looking, and devoid of any noticeable imperfections. The construction of the pouch is also excellent. The side seems are sown in a manner so secure that it feels as if the leather itself would rip before the seams gave way (not that I’m going to try this). The case that I received for review is black with a red “racing stripes” on either side. Normally I don’t go in for any sort of a unique look to my cases — I tend to be rather conservative in this regard– but I really like the way that the red stripes add some interest to an otherwise simple design.

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS - Review

What’s especially striking is that the company used leather with assorted pinholes for the red stripe while the black of the remainder of the case is smooth. This adds both texture and visual interest to the pouch.

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS - Review

Along the bottom of the case, and on both sides, are a series of eight holes. I suspect these are design features to help ensure that there is no suction created when you tried to remove a tight-fitting iPhone from the case, but while they are functionally important they also add some additional interest to the pouch.

The inside of the pouch is soft leather. This is important because using this couch requires that you either use a naked iPhone or one protected by an invisible skin. If you’re using a naked iPhone you definitely want to make sure that any case or couch you use is soft to the touch. That’s the case here.

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS - ReviewWhere the pouch becomes most interesting is in the mechanism for removing the phone once it is inside the pouch. There is a strap which ends outside of the case in a small leather tab with the company name on it.

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS - Review

When you push the iPhone into the pouch the excess material of the strap pushes with it as well. This basically cradles the device within the pouch itself and leaves only the tab on the outside to identify that this mechanism exists.

Sena Corsa For iPhone 3GS - ReviewWhen the time comes to remove your phone from the pouch instead of having to push up from the bottom or turn the pouch over and shake it out you simply grab the outer tab and pull on it. This causes the strap to push the iPhone up and out of the case in one smooth motion. It’s a neat way to remove your iPhone from the pouch but, more than that, it’s a practical way to remove it quickly, easily and safely.

In the end, I find that this pouch is an excellent product for anyone looking to carry their iPhone in this manner. When the iPhone is inside of it is completely protected. The back can’t get scratched and the screen has an excellent level of protection from both scratches and bumps thanks to the high quality leather.

If I have any criticism of the pouch is that the upper edges where it opens are a tiny bit on the rough side. This isn’t a big deal since you won’t be placing those edges up to your face but rather removing the iPhone before using it, but I think it would have given a nice feel and finish to the pouch if there was some way to do a proper finish process on the upper edges. It’s a small complaint and one that doesn’t ultimately detract from the look and use of the couch, however.

The Sena Corsa for the iPhone 3GS has an MSRP of $39.99 and is available directly from Sena.

What I like —

As usual the company has produced a leather product that is made from the best materials. It is nicely designed with the actual use of the device in mind. It is constructed to the highest of standards. I really like the pull tab method for removing your iPhone or iPod touch from the case. The pouch is designed for the iPhone but I find that it works quite well with my iPod touch.

What needs improvement —

The upper lips are a tiny bit rough but don’t go near your face so it’s not a big issue.

While not a criticism of the product at all — this style of iPhone protection requires the iPhone to be used either naked or protected by a skin. It’s too tight to use even the thinnest of protective shells with it. That doesn’t work for me day to day as I dislike invisible skins and won’t carry my iPhone without protection for the delicate plastic back. As a result I’m finding myself using it each and every day but with my iPod touch rather than my iPhone.


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