Review: Dacha Works Module SmartCase for iPhone 3G and 3Gs

Often times case manufacturers work hard at creating cases that look great but in doing so sacrifice how the cases feels when held in your hand.  Ergonomics play a key role in keeping you comfortable while sitting at your desk, on your computer.

The Module SmartCase from Dacha Works seeks to create the same level of comfort for your hand while it’s using your iPhone.

Dacha Works claims the Module SmartCase is the first all-purpose iPhone case to proactively augment the iPhone form factor to greatly improve the user experience.

How did it work out for me?

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The SmartCase is brand new and wasn’t provided to me in the retail packaging.

The case itself comes in two color variations.  A high polished, glossy Quite White or New Black.

Both colors are made from a hard shell, plastic material.  It is essentially a “Snap-On-Back-Cover” style case so install and removal happen quite easily.

The key to the SmartCase is what Dacha Works calls the “LeveRidge”.  This continuous, raised edge that runs along the entire back side of the case improves handling and reduces the effort that your fingers expend while holding and balancing your iPhone.

The case also contains a large Cut-Out on the back which gives a place for your finger to rest.  This gives your hand a better purchase point on the case and allows you to hold it more securely especially when using your phone one-handed.

The front side of the case features a small raised edge which provides a very small amount of “lay on the table” design.  Not enough though that I feel confident about laying my phone face down onto rough surfaces.

Available for a price of $29.99 the Module SmartCase is the first of its type that I’ve seen.  Most cases seek to do either two things.  Provide a new “look” or provide some amount of protection.  The Module SmartCase is the first case that seeks to change the way the iPhone feels while you’re holding it.

It works quite well too.  When the iPhone is naked it does take a certain amount of care to make sure it doesn’t fall out of your hand when you’re using it one-handed.  The LeveRidge on the back of the Module helps lock the phone into your fingers providing a secure grip.

Our iPhones do so many things are many of these tasks (photography, video, GPS, Gaming, etc.) require that the iPhone be held in a different position.  The LeveRidge works no matter what task your through at it, allowing you to both comfortably and securely hold your iPhone.

Check out the Module SmartCase from Dacha Works here.

M.S.R.P. – $29.99

What I like – creates a comfortable feel in the hand.

What I don’t like – minimal “lay on the table” protection.