How to Get Your Free ‘Underground Guide to the iPhone’ and ‘Mac Manual’

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How to Get Your Free 'Underground Guide to the iPhone' and 'Mac Manual' Listen to this article

Have I mentioned our TradePub affiliate store lately? It’s a place where you can sign up for magazine subscriptions and technical documents based on your profession … and assuming you qualify — you’ll get them all for FREE.

Sounds good, right? Well to get you started, here are two new documents which might be of interest.

The Underground Guide To The iPhone

Read about the basic user interface and a ton of incredible iPhone features you would’ve otherwise missed. This guide explains in detail how to perform both the very simple and the most tedious tasks. Find out how to get your hands on fresh applications, how to keep your device synchronized and even how to jailbreak your iPhone!

The Mac Manual

This guide supplies you with numerous tips, tricks and free applications. Get the hang of the interface and discover what your Mac is really capable of.

You can find these and all kinds of other publications at our TradePub store. You can even take a stroll down memory lane, since it’s based on the first template we used here at Gear Diary.

I kind of miss that gear on the side, actually; maybe we should bring that back in our next site redesign. 🙂

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