It’s Not Your Imagination – Every Other Phone Has a Laggy Response Compared to iPhone

Touchscreen Responsiveness Test Results

Touchscreen Responsiveness Test Results

Laggy Android touchscreen response has been covered so much it’s practically a meme; we’ve heard with each device and OS version they’ve solved it ‘this time for sure’. But here is the blunt and simple reality – the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 is even slower to respond than the iPhone 4S, let alone the iPhone 5 or the newest devices!

And before Windows Phone folks start feeling smug, the Nokia Lumia 928 from Verizon falls in just behind the Galaxy S4. Check out all the results here.

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5 Comments on "It’s Not Your Imagination – Every Other Phone Has a Laggy Response Compared to iPhone"

  1. The S4 might be slower than iPhones 4S and 5, but I’m finding that all of these animations added in iOS 7 make iThings FEEL slower than Android!

  2. Really?!? I’m finding it zipper than ever on my devices.

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  3. Really. For example, the zooming thing was kind of neat the first few times, but after the second day I started wishing there as some way to turn it off. It just looks busy! I’d much rather have some sort of spinning circle overlaid on top of the app icon to know it didn’t freeze and then show the app ready for me.

    Meanwhile, my boss with an iPhone 4 was grumbling about how slow everything had gotten. Not his imagination, either: Ars Technica did some tests and showed that just launching Apple’s own apps sometimes took almost three times as long as they did in iOS 6. Long story short, he has an iPhone 5S now 😀

  4. Oh I agree in the 4. But on the 4s and 5 I find it quite zippy. When I was using on a 4 I actually found. The speed inconsistent. At times it was fine but at other times it lagged with no rhyme or reasons.

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  5. I am not surprised: updating older devices to newer OS versions – Android or iOS – is typically a mistake. Many Gingerbread devices that got ICS/Jelly Bean updates would have been better left alone. So something like the iPhone 4 – a 2010 device – is really outdated. Apple walks a fine like between continuing to update and making things obsolete.

    That said, like Dan mentioned on the iPhone 5 and also my iPad Mini I am finding it speedier. I was concerned about the Mini because it is not exactly high end …

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