$899 iPhone Application and No Refunds?

We all know how easy it is to purchase applications in the iTunes App. Store.  Once you have a credit card on file you simply “click” once or twice and bam!  Your new application is automatically downloaded to your iTunes library.

Even 99¢ applications add up over time.  Apple has made it so easy to spend money in their App Store, that often times I find that I don’t even think about purchases when I’m making them.  “Hey, it’s only 99¢, no big deal.”  Then my monthly bill comes; I find I clicked on thirty .99¢ apps, and $30 is a big deal.

Here’s the even bigger problem.  Apple doesn’t issue refunds for products sold through their App Store.  Buy and app and hate it, and you’re stuck with it; buy an app and find it’s not what you thought it was, and you’re stuck with it.

While browsing Twitter last night, I came across a link to an application in the iTunes App Store that a friend had posted.

The application iRa Pro is a video camera surveillance program which allows the user to view multiple live cameras on their iPhone.  It looks nice and does seem to have a ton of features, many of which I admittedly don’t understand … but here’s the thing.

The app costs $899!

There’s no trial, no demo in the App Store, just click the “Buy App” button and you’re stuck with it and short $899.  Remember how easy it is to buy an iPhone app?  There’s nothing different about buying one that costs 99¢ versus one the costs $899; it’s the same one click, and you’re done.

A brief look through the reviews of the application reveal several positive reviews, but I also spotted one or two “I bought this app. by mistake and now am out $899.”  Since Apple doesn’t issue refunds, users who buy the App. by mistake are having to go through the developer to try to get their money back.

I have e-mailed the developer of iRa Pro and requested to speak with them to discuss exactly what makes their app. so special and warrants a $899 price tag.  More on that when I hear back.

Here’s the thing: could any application, no matter what it does, be worth more than the price of the actual hardware it runs on?

lextechlabs.com iRa Pro

iRa Pro in the App Store