And The First iPad Case To Arrive For Review… The Speck PixelShield


I was wondering what iPad case would be first to arrive for review. That honor goes to… Speck’s PixelShield. Obviously I can’t actually “review” it since my iPad does not arrive until tomorrow night, but I can show you a few shots of the PixelShield which looks like a good way to carry your iPad and know that it is fairly well protected.


The material feels nice. It is soft and a bit “smooshy” (a technical blogger term) in order to protect the iPad from impacts. The red is BRIGHT so this case in this color is definitely for someone who wants others to notice they have an iPad. At the same time the black/grey version is more subdued while offering the same degree of device protection.


The PixelShield has a handle for carrying the iPad (a great idea since this is a “grab it and go” device and the opening for putting the iPad inside has a slight overlap so the device does not slip out.

What can’t be seen in the pictures is the fact that the side opposite the opening has a more rigid insert to provide some extra protection for the glass screen.

According to the company…

PixelShield provides a three layer safe harbor for the iPad on the go. A textured neoprene exterior with integrated handle makes your iPad easy to carry while keeping it protected. The strong and flexible reinforced screen side layer safe-guards against impacts while a soft, micro-fleece interior prevents scratches. Hustling through airport security or jostling on the morning commute, Pixel Shield is a port in any storm for your iPad.

All in all The Speck PixelShield is a neat idea for carrying your iPad with you.

The PixelShield comes in either red (shown) or Black/Grey. It has an MSRP of $39.95.

It will be available at Apple Stores tomorrow and from Speck’s Web site some time soon.


What I Like-

Small in size, light, has a neat built-in handle, will offer a good bit of protection for your iPad, has Speck’s usual excellent materials and build quality

What Needs Improvement-

Needs more color options (I have no doubt they are coming)

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