John-E-Reader Makes Your Bathroom Safe for Kindles

John-E-Reader Makes Your Bathroom Safe for Kindles

The John-E-Reader in action

Sarah and I are getting settled into our new home and are quite pleased. It’s really great…there’s just one minor issue. See, the first floor has a bathroom (which is great) but the sink doesn’t have much of a lip to rest items like reading material. So the John-E-Reader at Kickstarter caught my eye!

The John-E-Reader was invented to address the exact issue we have in our house: how do you bring an expensive device into a water and tile filled trap safely? Their solution was to create a small pouch that hangs on your toilet paper holder, leaving your ebook reader safely protected from bathtubs, sinks, and screen smashing floors.

I have a few practical questions about this concept. One, is it machine washable? That’s a big one. Two, is there really demand for a permanent storage solution in your bathroom? Sure, we can all admit we’ve taken an eReader or tablet into the bathroom, but most people don’t keep theirs located permanently in the commode. So is it really a big enough issue that you need a pouch hooked on your TP holder?

I think that’s a personal question only the buyers of the John-E-Reader can answer. I do think this is an interesting concept and would be curious if they chose to expand it to other rooms as well — a similar pouch that hung off the side of a couch arm would be really useful!

So, are you lining up with cash in hand for a potty pouch? Backing starts at $3 for an “occupied” door hanger, $23 gets you a small pouch, $27 gets you an iPad sized one, and for $155, if you live in the NYC area the creator will personally install yours.

Happy reading!

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  1. Hey Carly! Thanks for posting about the John E Reader! I’m the guy behind it and, while we are still two-thirds away from our goal, I’m still optimistic that the project will fund.

    In the meantime, I thought I’d answer a couple of your questions! In terms of it being machine washable, the answer is a resounding yes. With anything that “hangs out” in the bathroom, cleaning it is IMPORTANT.

    And as far as number two. (Your question number two). It’s designed to come off and on easily.

    If there’s interest, I liked the idea of making a version that hung off the side of the toilet and couch arms. But for now, I wanted to keep it simple and see the reaction. So far, some people are grossed out by it. Others are calling it a “must have”.

    Thanks again for covering it and helping spread the word. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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