Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

You are headed out for the day, and you want to bring your iPad with you. What you really want to do more than anything is throw it into your bag and not have to worry too much about it. The problem is the device is relatively delicate. Yeah, it is well-built and solid, but it is delicate nonetheless thanks to the large touch screen. That’s where Hard Candy’s Bubble Case comes in.

Let’s take a look…

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

From The Company-

Bubbles on the Outside, Rubber on the Inside

Hard Candy’s signature bubble design tangoed with the Hard Sleeve, and the result is a deliciously styled, premium protector. The molded EVA-foam iPad case features fitted rubber bumpers, keeping your iPad in place while you navigate its Multi-Touch display. And the Bubble Sleeve’s soft interior lining saves your iPad from harsh environments. A step above those other neoprene sleeves, the Bubble Sleeve gives your iPad freedom to go anywhere, anytime.

The case comes in three colors- Black, Pink and Green. The review unit that we were sent is the green version. While I’m not a huge fan of the color green for device cases, it’s actually a soft shade of green and has grown on me during this review.

The case is zippered on three sides so that when the iPad is inside there is no possibility it will slip out. It provides full 360° protection for your iPad while it’s in a bag.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

Two heavy-duty pulls allow you to open the case up completely when you want to access your iPad. The pulls are sturdy and have a nice rubberized feeling that makes them comfortable to grab. The colored tabs have the company name on both sides.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

Add in a tag with the Hard Candy name on it, and you have three times the case advertises the company.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

The first thing that you’re going to notice about this case when you see it is that there are bubbles on both sides of it– 15 of them on each side. (So THAT’S how they came up with the name!) 🙂 It’s a nice design features which gives otherwise plain case some interest. But they do more than that– the bubbles make it easy to grab and hold on to the case. In fact, between the bubbles and the fact that the fabric has some texture to it, there’s no chance that this case is going to slide out of your hands. You certainly can’t say that about the naked iPad.

When you open the case your find a black interior.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

On one side there are four rubber feet.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

The iPad sits between the four of them perfectly and, because of the design, the corners of the iPad are held securely in both directions. This is important since you don’t want the iPad sliding around inside.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

The other side of the case has a series of raised bubbles. This is the side that comes in contact with the iPad’s screen. They are soft like the rest of the interior material although they aren’t made from the same material. The bubbles are there to help protect the screen, and they seem to do a good job of it.

Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve For iPad- Review

To use the case you simply unzip it, lay the iPad inside, zip the case closed and you’re good to go. It’s a good way to grab the iPad and take it with you and not worry about it slipping and sliding.

The Hard Candy Bubble Case for iPad is available in Black, Pink or Green and has an MSRP of $49.95. For more information or to order one you can visit the Hard Candy site.

Sleek, molded exterior that’s still soft to the touch
Shock absorbing rubber bumpers to hold and protect your iPad
EVA-molded, rigid case provides more secure protection than a neoprene sleeve
Zippered case allows use of your iPad in or out of its sleeve

What I Like: Protects the iPad quite well, when the iPad is inside. The pulls are heavy-duty and easy to grab

What Needs Improvement: If I have any criticism of the case, it’s the price. At a retail price of $49.99. It’s on the high-end for a taste like this. True it has some styling that similar zippered cases don’t have, but $49 seems rather pricey for something like this.

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