Newer Technology Releases iFolio for iPad

GearDiary Newer Technology Releases iFolio for iPad

This one practically comes from my backyard.  Well, McHenry County isn’t exactly in Chicago’s backyard, but Woodstock is a neat town and it’s cool that someone in the greater Chicago region is directly involved in making iPad accessories. Newer Technology, from Woodstock, Illinois, has just released the iFolio case for the iPad.  Available in black or red Brazilian leather and featuring a zippered enclosure, the iFolio can be carried by either the attached leather handle or a removable leather shoulder strap.

Inside the iFolio, the left side of the case includes pockets for documents, passports, and business cards.  The right side includes four elastic straps for securing the iPad while allowing access to all ports.  The elastic straps will hold an unadorned iPad, or one that is already in a silicone case (like Newer Technology’s NuGuard case).

Available from Newer Technology for $129.99.

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