It’s Time – A Celebration of the Natural Cycles of Adult Life

It's Time - A Celebration of the Natural Cycles of Adult Life

As adults we see so many different good and bad things in our lives; some we would change and others we wouldn’t change even if we could. As we grow we have friends and family who experience joys and tragedies and are reminded that life is just too short and can end in a moment without warning.

This Thanksgiving I had my brother in my house – not his family, just him … because after nearly 25 years of marriage he is facing divorce. Which comes on the heels of my sister whose divorce finalized the day before her 20th anniversary. It makes me cling even tighter to my wonderful wife and our two great kids.

Love is hard – the divorce rate is terribly high, relationships fall apart all the time, and very often kids are stuck in the middle of acrimonious breakups … or develop unhealthy relationship skills from marriages that SHOULD have ended but were sustained for one reason or another.

Here is a video that is a reminder that we are all just people – we all deserve the chance to live and love and not be subjected to hate and discrimination based out of fear or dogma. Watch and enjoy.

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