Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

Working at a school allows me to see many different fads and phenomena.  Sometimes it is a certain clothing style, a catch phrase, a certain style of purse or shoes etc…  This year the craze seems to be a certain flash game.  The game is available on an educational website that is actually not blocked by the filter at our school.  There is a huge number of games to play but one has become the default for almost everyone.  Bloons Tower Defense is not only played by the students in spare moments in the computer lab, but the coaching staff has become hooked.  With our sports being over, the game has become a form of competition for all of us to talk a little smack back and forth.  The great news is that this addiction is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

The iPhone version of the game is the same as version three of the game on the computer.  The layout is actually better on the iPhone despite the smaller screen.  What is Bloons TD Lite you ask?  A tower defense game that pits dart monkeys and other sharp objects against some insane balloons that are trying to reach the end of the other side of the map.

Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

Anyone who has played tower defense titles will find Bloons TD Lite to be self explanatory.  Basically, you place monkeys shooting various items along the track to pop all of the balloons before they reach the other side of the map.  Sound simple enough, and will start out slow enough to seem that way.  Every item is upgradeable throughout the game spending money that is earned by popping balloons and finishing levels.  The game starts with 100 lives and each balloon that passes (beware, some balloons are worth more than one) a life is lost.

Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

To place a weapon or tower on the map, simply touch the item in the menu and drag it into its place.  The item will have a halo around it showing the range in which it can be used.  If the halo is red, the item must be moved, if it is white, you are good to go in that spot.  Each item performs a different task, so check all of them out and find out what works best for you.  I will give some of my hints I have discovered at the end of the review.

Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

Since this is a free Lite version of the game only one map is available.  A word of warning, when you play the game the paid version will closely follow!  Three difficulty levels with gold, silver and bronze medals to unlock are included.  The level is complete after 50 levels, but the game can continue by tapping Freeplay beyond finishing.  The game really heats up beyond the 50th level.

Balloons will be different colors.  If they are red, the next shot eliminates them but other colors will change until reaching red.  Some colors of balloons travel faster than others while some require certain weapons to defeat.  Play long enough and blimps full of balloons will attack the map.

Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

Here is my secret to success:  I use 3 dart monkeys near the entrance to the map.  Make sure the monkeys can fire on other areas as well.  Fully upgrade these monkeys as fast as possible.  They will do quick work of the first few levels.  Next, I add a bomb cannon and upgrade the distance as well as the bombs to maximum and repeat.  Now the three monkeys and two cannons will be destroying balloons quickly so save for a super monkey.  Sometimes I add two super monkeys, but they must be upgraded fully with plasma shooters before adding more.  The levels will begin to be destroyed quickly and money will grow fast enough to start adding more and more super monkeys.  Then sit back and watch the carnage.  I reached level 11o on easy today with a whole screen full of plasma shooting monkeys on the paid version.  Good luck!

Bloons TD Lite for iPhone/Touch App Review

Bloons TD Lite is an amazingly addictive tower defense game with fun and chaotic gameplay.  If you are not sure, go get it here in the app store for free.  The paid version can be purchased for $2.99.

What I like: Great tower defense game play.  Super Monkeys with plasma shooters.

What could be improved: I would like to see at least 2 maps available in the free version.

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