Classic RPG ‘Chrono Trigger’ Launches on Android!

Classic RPG 'Chrono Trigger' Launches on Android!

Square Enix has a reputation for making awesome RPG games … and a reputation for re-selling the same game over and again … and for having the most expensive games on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Games such as Final Fantasy III still command $16 nearly two years after release on the iPhone – after releases on a host of other platforms including the Nintendo DS in 2006! And pretty much NONE of their games are universal, so you need to buy both iPhone and iPad versions where available.

Nearly a year ago Square Enix released their classic 1995 SNES game Chrono Trigger on the iPhone for $9.99. The previous release was the excellent 2008 Nintendo DS port. That price remains today without a single sale in between. The game should be considered a ‘must play’ in one version or another – and starting today you can list Android as one of those choices!

Better still, the game was released with broad compatibility: it is listed as ‘This app is compatible with all of your devices’ for me, which means a bunch of tablets and phones with a variety of screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios.

Here is the gameplay trailer:

Head to Google Play to grab this classic!

Source: Android Central

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