Review: RadTech RadSleevz Fits Your iPad Like A Glove

Review:  RadTech RadSleevz Fits Your iPad Like A Glove

RadTech is one of my favorite accessory companies.  Why?  Because they’re smart.  The company doesn’t take the “throw some spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” approach to marketing.  Meaning, they don’t make a thousand items and hope that one or two of them sell well.  What they actually do is carefully decide what the consumer wants and needs, and then, only then, do they bring an item to market.  This keeps their inventory of stocked items new, innovative and always exciting.

The company recently sent me a few items to review, the first of which we’ll look at today.

The RadSleevz is a form-fitting sleeve for the iPad.  It comes in 6 colors (Gray, Fuchsia, Indigo, Green, Grape and Black) and it seeks to protect your device from subtle bumps and dings while keeping its form factor as slim as possible.

Made from RadTech’s Optex Super80 fabric, the Sleevz stretches and forms to the natural contours of your iPad.  The specs from RadTech on the Sleevz are as follows:

– TSA Checkpoint Friendly
– Superlight, form-fitting protective sleeve provides elegant and stylish protection
– Made from RadTech’s exclusive Optex fabric. Clean and polish iPad’s case and screen
– Completely safe for cleaning oleophobic display coatings without sprays or wet wipes
– Patent pending one-piece design offers incredible strength and completely flat seams
– Offers significant protection when stowed in your pack, purse or pocket
– Fits your iPad like a second skin – exquisitely tailored to hug every curve
– Fully breathable, yet repels liquids, spills and debris
– Washable, and naturally resists soiling and staining
– Greatly enhances your grip while carrying
– Available in 6 exciting colors to suit any style

The Sleevz is thin.  It rolls up in a way that reminds me of a chamois rag that you use to dry your car.  Great for portability.  When you’re not using the Sleevz it’s easily stored in your gear bag, purse or even your pocket.  It weighs in at only 24 grams.

Review:  RadTech RadSleevz Fits Your iPad Like A Glove

When it’s unrolled the Sleevz looks too small to accommodate the iPad, but that’s not the case.  You’ll notice the RadTech logo which has been embossed into the lower right corner of the case.

Review:  RadTech RadSleevz Fits Your iPad Like A Glove

The material is stretchy and the iPad slides into the pouch quite easily.  Once inside the device is cradled around the Optex material.  Not only does the material protect the iPad but it also cleans the screen and housing when it comes in contact.  Although it’s hard to tell my iPad is actually inside the Sleevz in the shot below.

Review:  RadTech RadSleevz Fits Your iPad Like A Glove

There’s not right or wrong way to place the iPad into your Sleevz.  If you want your buttons on the outside you can do so.  If you wish to keep them on the inside, protected, you can place the iPad in that way too.

Review:  RadTech RadSleevz Fits Your iPad Like A Glove

Since my iPad is protected by a full body Clear Coat protected skin I haven’t had the need to use a case while using it.  I do however like to place my iPad into some sort of protective sleeve when I carry it, either alone or when it’s in my gear bag.  I don’t need something big and bulky though since more often than not the iPad’s protected in my bag.

The RadTech Sleevz is exactly the type of case I am looking for.  Simple, thin and luxurious.  It rolls up for easy storage and comes in a wide variety of color options.  If you’re looking for the simplest solution for protecting your iPad when you need to transport it I suggest having a look at the RadTech RadSleevz.

The RadTech RadSleevz is available directly from the RadTech Web Site.

M.S.R.P. – $24.95

What I like – thin, easily stored, cleans screen and housing.

What I don’t like – could use tabs on sides for pulling over iPad.

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  • I’ve been buying Radtech stuff for years, they’ve protected every Mac laptop I’ve ever had, going back to my old Titanium, and every one of those screens were perfect when I sold them. Now if only I had an iPad to put this on!

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