Review: CableJive dockXtender

Review:  CableJive dockXtender

Last summer I reviewed the CableJive Dock Extender cable.  This 30-pin male to female cable allowed iPhone and iPod Touch users who use a case to dock their devices without removing their case to do so.  Many dock accessories (clock radios, charge and sync docks, speakers) do not accommodate the iPhone or iPod Touch while it’s in a case.

However, there was one problem with that version of the Dock Extender.  The connector plug was too large to fit inside some cases, perhaps most importantly the super-popular OtterBox Defender.

Well, fast forward to today. CableJive has corrected the short coming of the old Dock Extender and released a completely revamped, all-new version of the cable which works with every case on the market … and I do mean every.  The dock Xtender comes in two lengths, 2 ft. and 6 ft. and weighs 1.5 oz and 3 oz. respectively.

The new dock Xtender Cable features custom molded connector housings which allow it to what CableJive describes as “every case on the planet.”

Review:  CableJive dockXtender

And the cable itself has a two-tiered shielding system to protect audio and video signals traveling through the wire.  It’s pretty thick to which means it won’t suffer from fraying at the ends like the OEM Apple charge and sync cable does.

Review:  CableJive dockXtender

As the saying goes “the proof is in the pudding.”  I tested the new dock Xtender Cable with my OtterBox Defender, and it worked perfectly.  No more removing the case at night to use with my Sony clock radio with iPhone Dock.  It worked in all my accessories including the Griffin Simplifi seen below.

Review:  CableJive dockXtender

The dock Xtender cable is also compatible with the iPad.  So if you’ve got your iPad in a case and are tired of always having to remove the case to use your dock for quick charges this cable solves that issue.

Review:  CableJive dockXtender

Watch the video below to see the new dock Xtender in action.

This is a must have accessory for any OtterBox Defender user.

The all new dock Xtender cable will be available from the CableJive web site soon.

M.S.R.P. – $25.95 for 2 ft. or $31.95 for 6 ft.

What I like – Fits with every case on the planet; two-tiered shielding system to protect audio and video signals traveling through the wire; much better quality than the OEM cable

What I don’t like – Nothing!

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